Some of you sense something is seriously wrong in our country, but do not know what it is!

The videos below hopefully will help you to make sense out of what is happening and why.  The first video is not as important as 2-7 for the
explanation.  It is definitely a RED PILL that is difficult to swallow but necessary to have your eyes opened wide.  If your eyes are not opened
to the truth you do not have the ability to make an informed choice.

The prince of this world is definitely controlling the masses and bringing them to their ultimate destruction. It is called the, "Golden Age."  This
is the final curtain of the matrix that will deceive even the "elect."  

If we are prone to believe the lie of evolution, we are not entitled to freedom.  Our freedom comes from our creator, Almighty God, and if we
choose to not believe in Him and His kingdom, then what these videos show us is what we have because we've allowed our Lord and Savior,
Almighty God to be removed from our nation.  We are living in a total secularized society, which is a global police state ruled by a few.  
Restoring our de jure republic is putting our nation back under God... "one nation under God"   and I will not apologize for this, for ALL the
people have a voice in our dej ure republic.  It is time for the grass roots of America to stand together in one voice to restore our nation under
the protection and blessings of our Lord and yes, "Savior."

Many will take exception to this, and that is OK, you are entitled to your own belief, but please do NOT attempt to take away my "freedom of
speech," just because you choose another religion or spirituality. .

We are created in the image of God, and if we choose to believe anything less,  then we are the "animals" that the elitists claim we are and thus
they treat us as such, and they refer to us as, Chattel."  To them we are disposable and expendable.  Please watch the videos and I pray your
eyes will be opened wide, and in the process you'll learn who you really are, a child of God, or chattel for the state.  The vine is being shaken!
 (quote from one of the videos below)
Slavery by Consent Pt.1 (Opener)  please do not stop at this video, this is the least valuable of all
Slavery by Consent Pt.2 (Introduction)
Slavery by Consent Pt.3 (All 'Capital')
Slavery by Consent Pt.4 (The SIN)
Slavery by Consent Pt.5 (Usury)
Slavery by Consent Pt.6 (The Corporation PART 6 HAS BEEN BLOCKED
Slavery by Consent Pt.7 (Phase 3)
WATCH Video's 8, 9,  & 10 -ONLINE
So... You've watched the videos and you're probably saying, "WOW" or denying the truth and going back to your comfort zone taking
the blue pill of mainstream non-reality.    If you're ready to take your place with We..the people to build our republic:

First, you must KNOW exactly who you are, this is the first and most important step.

Second, the de jure republic is the voice of the people.  It is self-governance which comes with self-responsibility and also requires a
guide for morals, values and principles.  I know of no better place for this than what our heavenly Father gave to us, "The Ten
Commandments."  We can have God's ten or the defacto corporations "60 million", and growing daily.

The de jure republic is the solution!  It is "We...the people" saying we do NOT CONSENT, and we are going to live free!  To do this
we have to step back into our dejure seats that have been vacant since the time of the civil war.  

The UNITED STATES, INC. is not the true governance of the people, for the people, by the people.  It was put in place to control
and enslave the people against our knowledge or consent.  It is owned and controlled by a foreign entity.  The District of Columbia
(D.C.) is a foreign country, this is why they used adhesion contracts to enslave us.

We need to talk face to face to our neighbors, family, friends, and all we can.  We need to show them documented proof to the truth
about the corporation and the truth about fluoride (and other poisons) used against us.  Fluoride was first introduced in water in the
Nazi concentration camps to make the prisoners complacent.  

Most everyone knows there is something seriously wrong in our nation, but because it is so heinous they can't fathom what it truly is.  
This is why our slavery can be hidden in plain sight.

It is finally progresses to the final curtain and becoming more visible for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Not all have the
courage or strength to stand, but all through history, our Lord used only a few to overcome empires to show His great and mighty
"From the earliest ages of history to the present day there have never been thirteen millions of
people associated in one political body who enjoyed so much freedom and happiness as the
people of these united states.  You have no longer any cause to fear dangers from is
from within, among yourselves - from cupidity, from corruption, from disappointed ambition
and inordinate thirst for power - that factions will be formed and liberty endangered..."  
~Andrew Jackson  (1767-1845) 7th President
~REPUBLIC FOR MICHIGAN ~ Know who you are
"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."
Genesis 1:27