An open letter concerning the “Gun Control” threats made by public figures and Legislators.
If some drunk runs over a bunch of preschoolers at a bus stop, that does not give you, society or the government the right/authority to take MY car or restrict what kind of car I
can own.
If some meth head goes on a rampage at the local day care with a chainsaw,that does not give you, society or the government the right/authority to take MY chainsaw or restrict
what kind of chainsaw I can own.
If some insane boy-man guns down a bunch of school kids with any kind of firearm,that does not give you, society or the government the right/authority to take MY firearm or
restrict what kind of firearm I can own.
The US has over 300 Federal and major State Firearms laws on the books.(a very conservative figure) Every one of which is unconstitutional. No law will save you from the
insane or criminally inclined. The only thing that will suffice to defend your family is the ownership of a weapon and the will to use it.
The 2nd Amendment was never about hunting, or even self defense. It is all about the Citizen's ability to defend themselves against tyranny by the government or the majority.
What part of "...Shall not be infringed" do the Marxists not understand?
In reality I think they understand perfectly, that as long as 'we the people' are armed they cannot run roughshod over the Constitution. That is why they have moved slowly and
discreetly to usurp our rights on a daily basis for decades. They fear us, they fear discovery and openness. They fear the removal of their masks as liberals or “progressives”. We
know their true face, history has shown us many times. The Collectivist Central Governments of Russia, China, Cambodia and North Korea killed more than 200 MILLION people
during the last decades of the 20th Century.

    We will NOT allow them to repeat their Socialist nightmare here. We will resist, we will not comply.
    We will not permit the confiscation of our property. We will not allow cries of “Save us!”, “Protect us!” or “It's for the Children!” to be used as justifications for the
    majority to deny us our natural rights. Let me state clearly and publicly for the record and for posterity's sake.
    We will not comply with any further infringements.
    We will resist. If attacked, we will fight. If accosted at our homes we will shoot back. God have mercy on those in Government, Media or “Law Enforcement” who
    threaten our families, because we will show none.

We make this statement not in anger or fear, but with sound minds and firm resolve. Let our servants in the public sector and the intellectual, media, and academic elitists who
support them take note and understand the very personal results of their actions. If our families suffer, so shall yours. We know where you live, we know where you work, we
know where you dine and shop. Your bodyguards and contractors cannot protect you from determined men with nothing left to lose. Stay away from our families, homes and
property, you have been warned.
From One unit of the United States Militia
~submitted by M. L

EMAIL REQUEST FOR INFORMATION:     Status of things to come

    December 31, 2012
    Dear Bonnie
    I was wondering if you are updated on what is going to happen to our government in the New Year.  Obama care is being implemented among other scary things to
    come and I saw a publication on Nesara News about how the the dejure government sent notification to the Hague even though Teri and Drake did not approve.  I
    was just wondering if other things were happening.  

My Reply:
Nobody with absolute certainty can predict the future, not even the PTB, because there are too many moving parts.  They can lay the foundation and hope all falls into place as
they've planned but they are not "Almighty God", even though they like to think of themselves as such.  People may not realize it but certain parts of obamacare has already been
implemented while people have not been watching, just as we've already been under the NWO control for a few years now, and we already are a Police State.  
The process is completely different if you are preventing the possibility of a disease, or if the disease is already acquired and it needs to be eradicated.  If the people continue to
think they are preventing they do not treat the symptoms as aggressively as they would if they had to "fight" the disease to regain health.  Our country already has the disease of
the NWO control and the POLICE STATE mentality.
I use health as the example because that is what I'm most familiar with and if health is to be restored to the body, then the body as a whole needs to be nourished.  The traditional
medical model would go to the particular "part" and treat it separate from the whole, this is what individual groups do.  They treat one symptom to the exclusion of the whole, and
a great example of this is our Bill of Rights, it is ok to step on one or two but we draw the line on the Second one.  The problem started a long time ago but we ignored the
symptoms, just as most of our population still do, and the root core of America's problem we've kicked Almighty God out of our public offices, and in doing so left them morally
bankrupt, we've reaped what we've sown.

What made America great was the grass roots people and their patriotism, honor, integrity, truth, hard work and a man's handshake was his pledge. I know this information does
not directly reply to the email above but I'm leading to the reply from my thoughts.  America has lost her moral compass, a compass that directs common sense and right from
wrong, this is what we need if we hope to restore our freedom, because our freedom does not come from the Hague, the World Court or the Elite's, it comes from Almighty God,
our CREATOR.  Our de jure republic is for a virtuous people that have the ability to "self -govern" and the opposite of this is what we now have, a Police State.  

How can one use the system that was put in place to enslave them to obtain freedom?  All the World Organizations, Courts etc., were put in place by the ElITE'S, the Banking
Cartel.  So, tell me how, sending anything to the Hague, World Court or anywhere else in the WORLD ORDER will free the people from anything?  The DE JURE Government is
of, by, and for the people, again, how can a small group of people decide for a population that know nothing of what they are doing claim anything for the people?  Who are Teri
and Drake to approve or disapprove of anything?  I do not mean any disrespect to either of them or to anyone that is standing for freedom, but, freedom can only come from the
people collectively as a nation.  It is a "mind-set" and until this is restored to the people they will always be vulnerable to corrupt leaders, because corrupt leaders will always be
there waiting to take advantage of those that blindly believe what they are told instead of seeking "truth" in all things, and these corrupt self-serving individuals will not collaborate
with others but will seek to control thoughts instead of allowing ingenuity, creativity and absolute truth to flourish amongst the people, unless the people are able to change their
mind-set from plantation slave to plantation OWNER.

Local government is where the people have the greatest power and this is why those that are awake are being distracted from their communities.  If the people are reaching out to
those hundreds or thousands of miles away in CA, SC, TN, GA, or FL, what will that do for help if there is a crisis in your area and no one, including yourself is prepared?  Why
does the defacto federal corporation have so much power?  Because people in their local communities are not watching what the school boards, council members, commissioners,
etc., are doing in their local area.  The easiest place to regain your freedom is right where you are in your local communities.  Reach out to the people in your own community,
unite, show up at the meetings and ask questions, say "NO" to the agenda's they are implementing in your community.  The TOWNSHIPS have the greatest power.  As you take
back your community reach out to your neighboring community and so and so forth and by doing this critical mass will be reached rather quickly and this is where "of, by, and
for the people" will shine the most and be most effective.  Do not be lulled away by the pied pipers out there that are creatively leading people away from truth, and into the Matrix
they claim to be freeing the people from...truth or decide.

There are many things happening, all one has to do is look at the bigger picture and use discernment.  The American people have been programmed for "group mentality" thinking
and that keeps many in a bubble, and easily led in whichever direction the wind blows.  No, going to the Hague to give them notice does nothing more than to inform the elites
their programming of the few has been effective and it gives a false security to the rest that do not know the truth and keep seeking for it in all the wrong places, according to
man's laws instead of Almighty God's principles.  The battle is between principalities and powers, good and evil,and until you understand this it is difficult to know which side you
are standing, whether it is on the winning team or that which is losing, and each person will have to determine this for themselves. I know with absolute certainty I am on the
winning team, so I do not allow fear to ruin my day, but continue to stay the course to victory!

In God Is Our Trust,
Bonnie Frownfelter

December 27, 2012   Sign the Petition demanding the Federal Gov. Observe and Obey the prohibitions in the 2nd Amend. of the US Constitution
To all:
Please go to and sign this Petition demanding the Federal Government observe and obey the prohibitions placed on the Federal Government by WE
THE PEOPLE in the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Please post this and send to all your friends on Facebook and twitter. They will need 150 signatures
before they will publicly post the Petition. So, let’s all stand up for our basic Constitutional Rights against this out of control Government and go to this website and sign
the petition!   ~Kent

To all:
Why Gun control does not prevent crime no more than spoons prevent fat people! This Battle took place right here in the United States. Gun control only protects the elected from
the people who elected, makes one wonder exactly what it is this Administration is trying to protect themselves from? ~enjoy

The Battle of Athens
2 AUGUST 1946

I. Introduction

On 2 August 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force to overturn it. These Americans wanted honest, open elections. For years they had
asked for state or Federal election monitors to prevent vote fraud -- forged ballots, secret ballot counts, and intimidation by armed sheriff's deputies -- by the local political boss.
They got no help.

These Americans' absolute refusal to knuckle-under had been hardened by service in World War II. Having fought to free other countries from murderous regimes, they rejected
vicious abuse by their county government. These Americans had a choice. Their state's Constitution - Article 1, Section 26 - recorded their right to keep and bear arms for the
common defense. Few "gun control" laws had been enacted.

II. The Setting

These Americans were Tennesseeans of McMinn County, located between Chattanooga and Knoxville, in Eastern Tennessee. The two main towns were Athens and Etowah.

McMinn Countians had long been independent political thinkers. They also had long:
•accepted bribe-taking by politicians and/or the Sheriff to overlook illicit whiskey-making and gambling;
•financed the sheriff's department from fines - usually for speeding or public drunkenness - which promoted false arrests;
•put up with voting fraud by both Democrats and Republicans.

Tennessee State law barred voting fraud:
•ballot boxes had to be shown to be empty before voting;
•poll-watchers had to be allowed;
•armed law enforcement officers were barred from polling places;
•ballots had to be counted where any voter could watch.

III. The Circumstances

The Great Depression had ravaged McMinn County. Drought broke many farmers; workforces shrank. The wealthy Cantrell family, of Etowah, backed Franklin Delano Roosevelt
in the 1932 election, hoping New Deal programs would revive the local economy and help Democrats to replace Republicans in the county government. So it proved.

Paul Cantrell was elected Sheriff in the 1936, 1938, and 1940 elections, but by slim margins. The Sheriff was the key County official. Cantrell was elected to the State Senate in
1942 and 1944; his chief deputy, Pat Mansfield, was elected sheriff. In 1946, Paul Cantrell again sought the Sheriff's office.

IV. World War II Ends; Paul Cantrell's Troubles Begin

At end-1945, some 3,000 battle-hardened veterans returned to McMinn County. Sheriff Mansfield's deputies had brutalized many in McMinn County; the GIs held Cantrell
politically responsible for Mansfield's doings. Early in 1946, some newly-returned ex-GIs decided:
•to challenge Cantrell politically;
•to offer an all ex-GI, non-partisan ticket;
•to promise a fraud-free election.

In ads and speeches the GI candidates promised:
•an honest ballot count;
•reform of county government.

At a rally, a GI speaker said, "'The principals that we fought for in this past war do not exist in McMinn County. We fought for democracy because we believe in democracy but
not the form we live under in this county.'" (Daily Post-Athenian, 17 June 1946, p. 1).

At end-July 1946, 159 McMinn County GIs petitioned the FBI to send election monitors. There was no response. The Department of Justice had not responded to McMinn
Countians' complaints of election fraud in 1940, 1942, and 1944.

V. From Ballots to Bullets

The election was held on 1 August. To intimidate voters, Mansfield brought in some 200 armed "deputies". GI poll-watchers were beaten almost at once. At about 3 p.m., Tom
Gillespie, an African-American voter, was told by a Sheriff's deputy, "'Nigger, you can't vote here today!!'". Despite being beaten, Gillespie persisted; the enraged deputy shot him.
The gunshot drew a crowd. Rumors spread that Gillespie had been "shot in the back"; he later recovered. (C. Stephen Byrum, The Battle of Athens; Paidia Productions,
Chattanooga TN, 1987; pp. 155-57).

Other deputies detained ex-GI poll-watchers in a polling place, as that made the ballot count "public". A crowd gathered. Sheriff Mansfield told his deputies to disperse the crowd.
When the two ex-GIs smashed a big window and escaped, the crowd surged forward. "The deputies, with guns drawn, formed a tight half-circle around the front of the polling
place. One deputy, "his gun raised high ...shouted: 'You sons-of-bitches cross this street and I'll kill you!'" (Byrum, p. 165).

Mansfield took the ballot boxes to the jail for counting. The deputies seemed to fear immediate attack, by the "people who had just liberated Europe and the South Pacific from two
of the most powerful war machines in human history." (Byrum, pp. 168-69).

Short of firearms and ammunition, the GIs scoured the county to find them. By borrowing keys to the National Guard and State Guard Armories, they got three M-1 rifles, five .
45 semi-automatic pistols, and 24 British Enfield rifles. The armories were nearly empty after the war's end.

By eight p.m., a group of GIs and "local boys" headed for the jail to get the ballot boxes. They occupied high ground facing the jail but left the back door unguarded to give the
jail's defenders an easy way out.

VI. The Battle of Athens

Three GIs - alerting passersby to danger - were fired on from the jail. Two GIs were wounded. Other GIs returned fire. Those inside the jail mainly used pistols; they also had a
"tommy gun" (a .45 caliber Thompson sub-machine gun).

Firing subsided after 30 minutes: ammunition ran low and night had fallen. Thick brick walls shielded those inside the jail. Absent radios, the GIs' rifle fire was un-coordinated.
"From the hillside, fire rose and fell in disorganized cascades. More than anything else, people were simply 'shooting at the jail'." (Byrum, p. 189).

Several who ventured into "no man's land", the street in front of the jail, were wounded. One man inside the jail was badly hurt; he recovered. Most sheriff's deputies wanted to
hunker down and await rescue. Governor McCord mobilized the State Guard, perhaps to scare the GIs into withdrawing. The State Guard never went to Athens. McCord may
have feared that Guard units filled with ex-GIs might not fire on other ex-GIs.

At about 2 a.m. on 2 August, the GIs forced the issue. Men from Meigs county threw dynamite sticks and damaged the jail's porch. The panicked deputies surrendered. GIs
quickly secured the building. Paul Cantrell faded into the night, almost having been shot by a GI who knew him, but whose .45 pistol had jammed. Mansfield's deputies were kept
overnight in jail for their own safety. Calm soon returned: the GIs posted guards. The rifles borrowed from the armory were cleaned and returned before sun-up.

VII. The Aftermath: Restoring Democracy in McMinn County

In five precincts free of vote fraud, the GI candidate for Sheriff, Knox Henry, won 1,168 votes to Cantrell's 789. Other GI candidates won by similar margins.

The GIs did not hate Cantrell. They only wanted honest government. On 2 August, a town meeting set up a three-man governing committee. The regular police having fled, six
men were chosen to police Athens; a dozen GIs were sent to police Etowah. In addition, "Individual citizens were called upon to form patrols or guard groups, often led by a GI.
...To their credit, however, there is not a single mention of an abuse of power on their behalf." (Byrum, p. 220).

Once the GI candidates' victory had been certified, they cleaned-up county government:
•the jail was fixed;
•newly-elected officials accepted a $5,000 pay limit;
•Mansfield supporters who resigned, were replaced.

The general election on 5 November passed quietly. McMinn Countians, having restored the Rule of Law, returned to their daily lives. Pat Mansfield moved back to Georgia. Paul
Cantrell set up an auto dealership in Etowah. "Almost everyone who knew Cantrell in the years after the 'Battle' agree that he was not bitter about what had happened." (Byrum,
pp. 232-33; see also New York Times, 9 August 1946, p. 8).

VIII. The Outsiders' Response

The Battle of Athens made national headlines. Most outsiders' reports had the errors usual in coverage of large-scale, night-time events. A New York Times editorialist on 3 August
savaged the GIs, who:

"...quite obviously - though we hope erroneously - felt that there was no city, county, or State agency to whom they could turn for justice.

... "There is a warning for all of us in the occurrence...and above all a warning for the veterans of McMinn County, who also violated a fundamental principle of democracy when
they arrogated to themselves the right of law enforcement for which they had no election mandate. Corruption, when and where it exists, demands reform, and even in the most
corrupt and boss-ridden communities there are peaceful means by which reform can be achieved. But there is no substitute, in a democracy, for orderly process." (NYT, 3 Aug
1946, p. 14.)

The editorialist did not see:
•McMinn Countians' many appeals for outside help;
•some ruthless people only respect force;
•that it was wrong to equate use of force by evil-doers (Cantrell and Mansfield) with the righteous (the GIs).

The New York Times:
•never saw that Cantrell and Mansfield's wholesale election fraud, enforced at gun-point, trampled the Rule of Law;
•feared citizens' restoring the Rule of Law by armed force.

Other outsiders, e.g., Time and Newsweek, agreed. (See Time, 12 August 1946, p. 20; Newsweek, 12 Aug 1946, p. 31 and 9 September 1946, p. 38).

The 79th Congress adjourned on 2 August 1946, when the Battle of Athens ended. However, Representative John Jennings, Jr., from Tennessee decried:
•McMinn County's sorry situation under Cantrell and Mansfield;
•the Justice Department's repeated failures to help the McMinn Countians.

Jennings was delighted that " long last decency and honesty, liberty and law have returned to the fine county of McMinn...". (Congressional Record, House; U.S. Government
Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1946; Appendix, Volume 92, Part 13, p. A4870.)

IX. The Lessons of Athens

Those who took up arms in Athens, Tennessee:
•wanted honest elections, a cornerstone of our Constitutional order;
•had repeatedly tried to get Federal or State election monitors;
•used armed force so as to minimize harm to the law-breakers;
•showed little malice to the defeated law-breakers;
•restored lawful government.

The Battle of Athens clearly shows:
•how Americans can and should lawfully use armed force;
•why the Rule of Law requires unrestricted access to firearms;
•how civilians with military-type firearms can beat the forces of "law and order".

Dictators believe that public order is more important than the Rule of Law. However, Americans reject this idea. Criminals can exploit for selfish ends, the use armed force to
restore the Rule of Law. But brutal political repression - as practiced by Cantrell and Mansfield - is lethal to many. An individual criminal can harm a handful of people.
Governments alone can brutalize thousands, or millions.

Since 1915, officials of seven governments "gone bad" have committed genocide, murdering at least 56 million persons, including millions of children. "Gun control" clears the
way for genocide by giving governments "gone bad" far greater freedom to commit mass murder.

Law-abiding McMinn Countians won the Battle of Athens because they were not hamstrung by "gun control". McMinn Countians showed us when citizens can and should use
armed force to support the Rule of Law. We are all in their debt.

This is a bare bones summary of a major report in JPFO's Firearms Sentinel (January 1995). To learn how the gutsy people of Athens, Tennessee did the Framers of the
Constitution proud, send $3 to JPFO, 2872 South Wentworth Avenue; Milwaukee, WI 53207; and request the January 1995 Firearms Sentinel. This document is from: (A.K. Pritchard)
Press reports on the Battle of Athens and Chronology — From contemporary sources.
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~submitted by Kent, previously by Grey Beard and can be found in the Archives and on the Resource page

December 20, 2012         THE DE FACTO AND THE DE JURE
From Black’s Law Dictionary Revised Fourth Edition, pages 824 and 825

    GOVERNMENT DE FACTO: A government of fact. A government actually exercising power and control in the state, as opposed to the true and lawful
    government; a government not established according to the constitution of the state, or not lawfully entitled to recognition or supremacy, but which has nevertheless
    supplanted or displaced the government de jure. A government deemed unlawful, or deemed wrongful or unjust, which, nevertheless, receives presently habitual
    obedience from the bulk of the community. -Aust. Jur. 324 [underlining added, not included in original text]

There are several degrees of what is called “de facto government.” Such a government, in its highest degree, assumes a character very closely resembling that of a lawful
government. This is when the usurping government expels the regular authorities from their customary seats and functions, and establishes itself in their place, and so becomes
the actual government of a country. The distinguishing characteristic of such a government is that its adherents, in war against the government de jre, do not incur the penalties of
treason; and the obligations it assumes, in behalf of the country or otherwise, will in general be respected by the government de jure when restored.
Such a government might be more aptly denominated “government of paramount force,” being maintained by active military power against the rightful authority of an established
and lawful government; and obeyed in civil matters by private citizens. They are usually administered directly by military authority, but they may be administered, also, by civil
authority, supported more or less by military force. – Thorington v. Smith, 8 Wall. 8,9,19 L.Ed.361

    GOVERNMENT DE JURE: A government of right, the true and lawful government; a government established according to the constitution of the state, and lawfully
    entitled to recognition and supremacy and the administration of the state, but which is actually cut off from power or control. A government deemed lawful, or
    deemed rightful or just, which nevertheless, has been supplanted or displaced, that is to say, which receives not presently (although it received formerly) habitual
    obedience from the bulk of the community. – Aust. Jur. 324 [underlining added]

    Source:  Robinson, D. E. (2011). Policies, Procedures & Protocols. Brunswick:

Our constitutional
de jure republic has been usurped by the US Corporation, which is owned by the UN.  I will be posting information from the same source noted above to
educate people how they reinstate our
de jure republic in our communities.  <><

Please ponder this message and if it speaks truth to your heart, please send it to others to ponder as well...its time for We...the people,  the Grass Roots of America  to unite in
peace, but with RESOLVE  and a STRONG VOICE!  As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let there be a rebirth of His spirit across America, that will awaken the people to the
reality of the usurpation of our constitutional de jure republic that took place years ago, and let the spirit of our Lord restore America to His glory, by a loud shout from His people
that will be heard around the world.  Now is the time, rise up and claim your heritage America!

Right now our freedom is under attack like no other time in our history.  We've not had a ground attack on our soil since the time of our forefathers. Why do you think this has
not happened in all these years?  Most think because our US military is so powerful they wouldn't dare, why wouldn't they, most of our military is stationed in other countries
engaged in conflict for the elites or they are in other countries yet maintaining military bases for the elites.  So, why haven't we had a ground attack on our soil from our enemies?

Now think about the weapons the UN OWNED, US Corporate government are diligently trying to ban, what they refer to as "assault weapons".  Who are the most likely to own
these weapons and KNOW how to properly use them?  

If you thought of our VETERANS and MILITIA, you are correct, and most all militia are our VETERANS, and retired law enforcement.  Stand back and look at the bigger
picture, they want us to just act on emotion from the horrific tragedy that took place just this past Friday, and yes, it is tragic but they are using it to further their agenda.

They (UN)  know we would have a difficult time defending ourselves against their weaponry if we were not armed with "assault" weapons that could rapid fire. If we allow these
weapons to be banned we will not be a threat and we will be invaded, and not necessarily externally, but from within, because they are already here.  Do you think the Muslims
will give up there ASSAULT WEAPONS?   That question is not intended to be an attack against the Muslim citizenry that are here just to live free, but it is the militant Muslims, to
whom I refer, what about the Mexican border?  What do you think will happen to our country if the GOOD GUYS that care about this country no longer have weapons that can
truly defend our nation against invaders and TYRANNY?   Will you really be safe, think about it?

We have not had combat on our soil because we are armed, start reducing the fire power of those arms and see how quickly we'll lose what is left of America because she will
become another middle eastern state where bombings and gun fire will be a common daily occurrence, or equal to Mexico where the citizenry are not allowed to have even so
much as a bullet on their person for fear of prison, but the drug cartels have military weapons, and some compliments of the US Government,( i.e. Fast and Furious)..   Who will
suffer ...our people will suffer, NOT the POLITICIANS that will PROFIT from the crime and when this happens do you honestly think ELECTIONS will change it, has it thus
far?   We've progressed to this stage while we've had regular elections, how has that worked for us?

Banning weapons will NEVER make people safe, all these shootings are taking place in  GUN FREE ZONES... Think about that....all that means is a shooter does not have to
worry about return fire, with that kind of power given to an individual in a godless society, we are getting exactly what we are complicit in creating..

Our Second Amendment Right is not the cause of these shootings, it is the break down of our society because we, as the people, allowed God to be removed from our nation and
said nothing, so He is giving us a society without Him, its real nice isn't it?  We are reaping what we've sown by not standing up to the enemy and demanding prayer in our
schools be maintained AND that the TEN COMMANDMENTS (Sixth: 'Thou Shalt Not Kill') be taught as well.  We didn't stand up and say NO to the killing of the most innocent
of all, our babies, we also know how we failed to protect the sanctity of marriage as well, all are attacks on our family unit given to us by God and caused the break down of our
society.  We have another decision before us are we going to once again stand by and say nothing, and just turn over our protective right to be taken?

We can NOT ALLOW our Second Amendment Right to be amended or stepped on in any way...there can be NO COMPROMISING on this very serious FREEDOM!

God have mercy on us all if we don't stand together and shout NO, NOT ON OUR WATCH, from our rooftops!!   We are the old guard of freedom, and they will be coming for
us (O's health plan - End of Life Counseling - Death Panels) if we do not unite and take a stand for truth, and if we won't then we need to forever be quiet and willingly accept
what comes next because it will be of our own doing from being complacent and  by refusing to "see the handwriting on the wall." and NOT ALLOW OUR BILL OF RIGHTS TO
to be abolished, and it is within our right to do so according to our Declaration of Independence.

Stand with us, the people, to reinstate our CONSTITUTIONAL DE JURE REPUBLIC of, by, and for the people.  Educate yourselves seeking truth in all things, not just settling
for what is reported on the nightly news or in the papers, alternative news online has even been usurped to create fear to paralyze everyone.  Remember, Sensationalism sells.  
Talk to your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and more importantly lets educate our children to our true history.  What Hitler's NAZI BROWN SHIRTS did to the
people  has been scrubbed from education, our younger generations no longer know the truth, they don't even know who Hitler was in most cases, let alone what he did, and
more importantly HOW HITLER WAS ABLE TO CARRY IT OUT, therefore, they do not see history repeating itself right here in America!

I don't know about you but I'd rather go down fighting against evil to defend freedom for my children and grandchildren than to succumb to their plan for my future or dismissal
of depending on my age!   for more information

Bonnie Frownfelter


Any 18-yr old or older, law-abiding citizen of the State of Michigan who owns a legally registered handgun may openly carry (in a fully visible holster) said firearm in all
places not explicitly exempt by law with or without a CPL. Private property rules over-ride state law in regards to firearm possession.

    What places are off limits to firearms without a CPL? (MCL 750.234d)
    (1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2), a person shall not possess a  firearm on the premises of any of the following:
    a) A bank.
    b) A church
    c) A court
    d) A theatre
    e) A sports arena
    f) A day care center
    g) A hospital.
    h) Any establishment licensed under the Michigan liquor control act, ANY liquor license even if they aren't currently selling liquor
    i) A Post Office
    j) A Casino
    k) A School Zone
    l) An Airport (Sterile areas only)

    (2) This section does not apply to any of the following:
    a. A person who owns, or is employed by or contracted by, an entity described in subsection (1) if the possession of that firearm is to provide security services for
    that entity.
    b. A peace officer.
    c. A person licensed by this state or another state to carry a concealed weapon.
    d. A person who possesses a firearm on the premises of an entity described in subsection (1) if that possession is with the permission of the owner or an
    agent of the owner of that entity

The foundation supporting the OPEN CARRY LAW IN MICHIGAN:

    Bill of rights - Amd II:
    A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    MI Constitution - A.1 S.6:
    Every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state.
    • All local laws and ordinances concerning firearm possession were preempted (overruled) by the state in 1990 (MCL 123.1102).
    • In a free society, Open Carry is legal anywhere not specifically prohibited by law. I carry to protect myself, my family, and my society. In the face
    of any violent crime, I will not be a statistic. I will stand up for and exercise my rights.

For more information and printable resources please visit:  Michigan Open Carry, Inc.
~submitted by Grey Beard

Notice that second quote, "NO SLAVES SHALL KEEP ANY ARMS WHATEVER"    Are we free or slave, think about that quote when you allow your Second Amendment Right
to be taken, if you allow them to regulate what they define as an assault weapon because you don't have them, what's next your hunting rifle, it starts as what seems like an
insignificant "what does it matter" until you wake up one day wondering what happened.  Just like the abortion issue started out as acceptable in only the first few weeks and most
of the American people do not know that inch by inch when they weren't watching it "progressed" to "
PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS" ... Think about you can bet if
you allow them even a toe in the door to ban their interpretation of assault guns because you don't own any, it will be just a matter of time when they will come for the guns you
do own and by then it will be too late.... This is about our sovereign right to be FREE...STAND FIRM! <><

Please watch the above full length video.  Uploaded on Jul 9, 2011
    "In the absence of any objective medical tests to determine who has ADD or ADHD, doctors rely in part on standardized assessments and the impressions of
    teachers and guardians while the they administer leave little room for other causes or aggravating factors, such as diet, or environment. Hence, diagnosing a child or
    adolescent with ADD or ADHD is often the outcome, although no organic basis for either disease has yet to be clinically proven. Psychiatrists may then prescribe
    psychotropic drugs for the children without first without making it clear to parents that these medications can have severe side-effects including insomnia, loss of
    appetite, headaches, psychotic symptoms and even potentially fatal adverse reactions, such as cardiac arrhythmia. And yet, despite these dangers, many school
    systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children
    taken from the home unless they cooperate."

Due to the recent shooting in CT, I think all parents should watch this video (link above).  The unfortunate situation is most parents would say this is extreme and it doesn't apply
to my child, but will it?  Perhaps not right now but what about in ten years from now?  You must understand that most children are started on drugs at a very young age, and over
the years it takes its toll on the body's natural chemistry and when hormones are triggered at puberty it can greatly change your child's chemistry, and personality to create
uncontrollable behavior that in most cases they, themselves are unaware of or able to control.

Anyone that has a child exhibiting behavior that is abnormal and are considering medication as a means to control the child's behavior please contact me via managehealthnaturally
AT  and I will provide information that can be used to naturally begin balancing your child's system which improved behavior would be a natural outcome.
We are a nation of willing LEGAL DRUG ADDICTS, whether it is over the counter, under the counter or heaven forbid the back alley or parking lot which is not as acceptable as
pharmaceuticals, but it doesn't matter from where you get your drug of choice because the money all goes to the same pockets, its just a matter of class warfare,  and true to
nature of a drug dealer, children are targeted to secure future customers for life"
. What are we allowing people?  We should be protecting our children not sacrificing them to the

My husband served on a small town school board on the west side of the state for a few years.  He was new to the area and not knowing the politics of the area he accepted a
nomination for a seat on the school board, and he served for a few years. This of course was before the knowledge of truth and what is taking place before our eyes to the
corrupting of all systems of our society.  I would suggest those of you with this knowledge of truth get on a school board in your area, or a twp board.

He said that no parents, except one or two occasionally, came to the meetings, but that was
THEIR GREATEST FEAR, that the parents might show up and QUESTION what
they were doing, not that they were doing anything wrong mind you, not in a legal sense but perhaps in the "serving the people" sense.  Textbooks were brought to them to
approve and they did so without even looking at the textbook, let alone consulting with the parents for their approval or perhaps even questioning the presenter of the books..  He
said they, as a school board, would not have known what to do if even only ten parents showed up, let alone more.  

There was one situation that brought them out in droves, however, it was over where the new high school should be built.  Where they'd be driving to drop-off or pick-up their
children.  Important yes, but that is external convenience and cost for a limited period of time, but what about internal conditioning that would stay with that child a lifetime?  Not
a word, never a thought, opinion or question was shared. Totally missing in action!  What does this tell you about what has happened to our schools and more importantly our
society as a whole?  

We...the People in townships, cities, and counties have the power not the state as they lead us to believe.  They will tell us the textbooks are mandated by the state for funding,
well guess what?  Their funding is also based on a head count of children!!  If all the parents got together and kept their child home on the day of that count, which for the
particular school I'm referring to it was every third Monday of the month, I'll bet that would get their attention about who they should be listening to, don't you?  Especially since
the school millage is also voted upon, right?

Parents have a right, and duty to oversee their child's education, which is not just what is being taught in a textbook or not, but what is being presented in the  classroom separate
from the textbooks, and what the daily routine is for the children for the 8+ hours they are at school. What food is being provided?.  We send our children to school for 8 or more
hours a day, that is more time than they spend with us, their parents,  during the school year.  A great opportunity for the state to control our child's thinking and develop their
ideology for their national agenda, isn't it?.

Do we even know what is in our child's textbooks?  Do we know that many students do not even know about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust?  It has been stricken from
history.  Civics is no longer taught, nor phonics, handwriting, proper English and math is relative, meaning whatever you want it to be. If you want 2+2 to = 5 that is acceptable,
no more absolutes.  Meanwhile they are programming children to spy on their parents for what the state deems illegal behavior, and the proper procedure to wear a condom  along
with where the abortion clinics are so if they fail condoms 101 they can be escorted to the nearest clinic, unbeknown to the parents to get rid of the evidence of this failure.  Not
all schools have totally adopted this far left agenda but they are slowly getting there with each new generation.

  • Attend the school board meetings, sit on a board,
  • find out what curriculum is being taught,
  • find out what social programming is taking place
  • get phonics, which is basic to learning back into the classroom
  • rally other like minded parents, inform them to enlist support  
  • Keep as many children home as possible on the monthly head count
  • find old textbooks from years past that reflect our true history and demand they are taught from
  • And MOST important let's interact with our children/grandchildren and find out what their day at school is really like and what they are learning

Take back your schools or start your own where absolute truth is the foundation where your children can feel emotionally secure in a very insecure world of uncertainty.  Right
from wrong is written on our hearts, but we as adults are insensitive to listening to that small voice called conscious, but our children when they are young still know and
recognize that truth until their spirits are repeatedly bruised and finally broken by the lies they see around them.  <><

December 16, 2012  NO MORE ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS - ALL NEWS  WILL BE POSTED HERE - This email was sent out today

Hello Everyone,
In light of the fraudulent use of my identifying information for Michigan,  free de jure state I will no longer communicate with anyone via email.  If you’d like something reviewed
to be posted on the web page you can send it to me.  If you have my personal email you may also send to that address requesting it to be posted after reviewing.

If you’d like a conversation with me you’ll have to pick up the telephone because I will no longer reply to anyone via email.  So, if you receive something that appears to be from
Michigan free de jure state, it is not from me.  The toll free number you can reach me at is 855. 556. 5400, then press 0, that is if you do not have my personal home number, if
you do, please call that number direct.   

I will not be a party to fraudulent use of my information revealed in the previous email I forwarded with the original email attached.  If you receive an email that appears to have an
email from Michigan Free De Jure State in the "from line", it is a fraud from here on out because anyone that does not remove the information before forwarding or leaving my
information below their first person email is doing so fraudulently. This is why I have the note below my signature.  This information will also be posted on the NEWS (here) page
as well.  

It’s unfortunate there is such deception amongst us, and/or how many times this has happened without my knowledge,  but now that I am aware of this deception it is within my
power, and my obligation to stop it by not being a party to it.  Thus this is the last email you will receive personally from me via  Michigan Free De Jure State.  I’m still here, and
will receive email; I’m just not replying or sending.  Pick up the telephone and call if you’d like a conversation with me.  

NOTE:  Anything news that would have been sent via email will be posted on this page, and it is updated frequently.

So, in closing I’d like to wish you and your families a warm and wonderful Christmas remembering the miracle that was gifted to us so many years ago, and yes, it is uncertain if
December 25th was actually the birthday, but to me it is symbolic of God’s gracious gift to all who would receive Him, it doesn’t matter if it was December, January or some
other month as some would say, the importance is that “Our Savior and King has come, and will soon come again.”  This is the hope that quiets the fear of yesterday’s, today,
and tomorrow’s horrific news we are constantly bombarded with in our fallen world.  I pray each will have a New Year filled with the spirit of knowing where our victory will
come and what true freedom is for all and for all eternity.  God bless and keep you safe this holiday season and always.
In God Is Our Trust,
Bonnie Frownfelter

December 15, 2012  Take Your Precious Children Out of Government Schools
Coach Dave,

(1) Train and arm all teachers and office personal and make it mandatory the be armed at all times  while on school business. they will have to be trained by the citizens militias so
they can handle the situation at hand  both physically wand mentaly.

(2) 200 to 600 million us citizens converge on Washington D.C. January 7th and enforce the Declaration of Independence and Abolish this Cabal of Criminals that are running this
country at this time.
This is long over due!!!
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
bcc to list
~submitted by Grey Beard

December 14, 2012   RAND PAUL GUN BAN
Mr. Paul
You as a politician should know and understand that a treaty is only between NATIONS not the people of the nation.
And besides that the treaty would interfere with the Dick Act of 1902.see the info below.
Any Gun or arms Confiscation in this country will result in a blood bath as never seen before in history.
More and more People are getting ready to enforce the Declaration of Independence at this time!
Take a few minutes and read it then read it and explain what it means to the defacto  congress.
You may want to warn your defacto constituents  up there.
FYI, Below article from the Congressional Record, House, Page 640-1917
The Government CAN'T LAWFULLY take away your Rights, except by "Due Process of Law."  However, there is no end to the government's attempts to do so, unlawfully!
There are only three LAWFUL ways by which a Constitutional Right may be lost. 1). The Right may be lost by your failure to Claim it;  2) The Right may be lost by your Waiver
of the Right; 3) The Right may be lost by committing a Crime for which the penalty upon Conviction, in a Court of Law, is the loss of that Right. You must understand that the
laws they are passing today are: PUBLIC POLICY STATUTES, as opposed to our former: PUBLIC LAW STATUTES. There is a vast difference!  Public Policy does not have to
comply with the Constitution, while Public Law, must comply in every way! Constitutional Rights are Prohibitions against all the governments of the world!
>     King George and the British Army made believers of early Americans. Our Founding Fathers didn't trust ANY government, especially their own!
>      The Constitution does not protect us! It is we, who must defend the Constitution from all governments of the world! The Second Amendment is the POWER of WE THE
PEOPLE, PERSONIFIED in the UNREGULATED MILITIA, consisting of every able-bodied American between 18 and 55 years old, and Not in the paid service of our
~submitted by Grey Beard

December 11, 2012  Greg Marshall Radio Show Friday, December 14, 2012 at 4:00 P.M. Writ of Quo Warranto   LISTEN ONLINE HERE
To all:
I will be on the Greg Marshall Radio Show this Friday, December 14, 2012, at 4:00 P.M. or immediately after the commercials at the top of the hour. I will be discussing how we
will get our local County Boards of Commissioners back under the limits placed on them by Public Act 156 of 1851. Currently they have voted themselves millions of dollars in
unfunded liabilities for retirement pensions funds, full medical benefits for themselves and their respective families at great cost to the tax payers who are losing their private lands
by this excessive and needless taxations. Nothing gives them the authority to operate as a “body corporate” when in fact they are nothing more than a “general law” County

I hope you all will listen in and learn how to take back your county government and remember, YOU are the government and if you DON’T  act, they will in your stead! Please
call in with your questions or comments, it will be greatly appreciated! Show your support.

You may listen in on 1270AM, 102.5 FM or online live at:   

Stay safe and take good care my dear friends!
As always
Kent A. McNeil
Ron Paul: No More Covert Wars and Coups in Foreign Lands!  by Ron Paul
Earlier this month we learned that the Obama Administration is significantly expanding the number of covert Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) agents overseas. From just a few
hundred DIA agents overseas today, the administration intends to eventually deploy some 1,600 covert agents. The nature of their work will also shift, away from intelligence
collection and more toward covert actions. This move signals a major change in how the administration intends to conduct military and paramilitary operations overseas.
Unfortunately it is not a shift toward peace, but rather to an even more deadly and disturbing phase in the “war on terror.”
Surely attacks on foreign countries will increase as a result of this move, but more and more the strikes will take place under cover of darkness and outside the knowledge of
Congress or the American people. The move also represents a further blurring of the lines between the military and intelligence services, with the CIA becoming more like a secret
military unto itself. This is a very troubling development.
Read or listen to the rest of Ron Paul's column here.
~submitted by Cathy C

December 10, 2012  BUDGET BATTLE
Letter sent to a defacto elected official by one of the People:
      Elected official

     We see on the news you guy fighting over the budget and talking about
    cutting seniors income and medicare.
    First and foremost let me point out to you that is our money that
    government was to be taking care of for us .
    This is in no way an entitlement it is our money and we want it back!
    Now to balance the budget  Ground at once Mrs. Obamba sell the plane
    she uses running all over the world for nothing and terminate all her
    aids and assistants.
    Put all this money towards the budget.
    Next We know your pay check comes from the IMF so divert all of
    congresses and all politicians pay and perks to the budget crisis and
    also your health care cancel that out and put the money in the budget.
    Terminate all the alphabet groups  such as FBI , CIA, EPA,HOME LAND
    SECURITY  ETC Until you reach the budget.
    How do you as our servant expect the taxpaying people to keep making up
    for your mistakes?
    Have you noticed how many people have lost their jobs since the
    November 6 election if not look it up then sign your check over to us
    taxpayers many unemployed learn how to live like we do. [name removed to protect privacy online]

~submitted by Grey Beard

December 09, 2012   BOTH ROADS LEAD TO HELL  by Teri Hinkle
Hi everybody. The attached article is one I have written this weekend. If you care one iota about what is going on in this country and the world you MUST read it, or listen to the
recording link below. I read it aloud for audio for those who are blind or just do not like to read. I know it is long as it is the most important thing I've ever written and you will
not like its contents. In fact I hope you don't like it. I do hope you listen and think hard on what it means to you. Either way, my job is done. I felt more compelled than I ever
have before to write it and that's how things go with me.
[Everyone should read or listen to the information Teri is presenting. I was going to put an excerpt but didn't know which to use because there is so much information, she clearly
put a great deal of research and work into this commentary. The information is out there but it is scattered about, this brings much of it together so there is no mistaking the
"agenda" that has been, and is being perpetrated against the people]

December 08, 2012    The little town with the big football story  By Scott Schmeltzer
David slew Goliath.
Over the past year or so, the Ishpeming Hematites football team has seen more than its fair share of challenging situations. Ishpeming is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is
near my hometown of Marquette.
The reason I am sharing this story with you is that it is about love, determination and community. This community is much like Albert Lea and Freeborn County. In sharing it, I
am also so proud to call Ishpeming coach Jeff Olson both a mentor and a friend, and I continue to pray for his family as well as the whole Ishpeming football squad every day.
From the start of last year, Ishpeming senior kicker Eric Dompierre and his father Dean had to fight with the Michigan High School Athletic Association to allow him to play one
more year of sports. The “Let ‘Em Play” campaign for Eric, who has Down syndrome and turned 19 before the season started, bonded together this hard-working community to
fight for Eric to gain a waiver to play. (In Michigan, you aren’t allowed to play sports if you turn 19 after Sept. 1.)
~submitted by Cathy C [Ishpeming is her home town, this shows what POWER the people have when they join together and let their voices be heard!]
"If we run into such debts as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our
creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours in the twenty-four, and give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for
their debts and daily expenses; And the sixteen being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they do now, on oatmeal and potatoes, have no time to think, no means of
calling the mismanagers to account; But be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains around the necks of our fellow sufferers; And this is the tendency of
all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second, that second for a third, and so on 'til the bulk of society is reduced to mere
automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering...and the forehorse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train
wretchedness and oppression." Thomas Jefferson

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies." Thomas Jefferson

"The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for
anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will
grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson  

This video really does a great job of putting our debt into an understandable visual picture.  
~ quotes submitted by Don F and video link submitted by Herb F
[note: the national debt is NOT the people's debt, though they are trying to lay it at our feet, it is the US CORPORATIONS DEBT and we are NOT liable for it <><]

December 07, 2012      The Fate of Our Constitution by Keith Broaders

    Our government has been corrupted, the constitution has been scrapped
    Our leaders have betrayed us, our resources they have tapped
    Once we were the sovereigns, it is no longer true
    The politicians have assumed that role, to. rob both me and you.
    Our nation is in trouble and our republic is at stake
    If we don't stand united, our liberty they'll take
    Our founding fathers warned us, that if we were not alert
    The bankers would steal our money, our trousers and our shirt
    It is obvious that they have robbed us, it is clear for all to see
    We are likely to become paupers in a land that once was free
    Congress is filled with criminals and are simply nothing more
    Than a agents of the bankers stealing from the poor

Visit Constitution Club USA
~submitted by Cathy C.

December 06, 2012   Complaint for Writ of Quo Warranto Michigan AG 2012
This Complaint for Writ is for use by anyone who wants to force their County Government to operate under the limitations of our Constitution, Complaint for Writ of Quo
Warranto to the Michigan AG. Michigan State Law requires the AG get first action and only if he refuses to, then a private individual may bring action in their respective Circuit
Court by leave of the Court.
Kent A. McNeil.

December 05, 2012    NDAA Nullification: Michigan House Says YES!  Final vote, 107-0  Overwhelming support for resisting "indefinite detention"
Taking a big step towards becoming the second state to pass such a law, a wide coalition pressed the Michigan house, which voted unanimously in favor Wednesday.  Next?  On
to the Senate.    **REPORT AND ACTION ITEMS (for Michigan and other states):
~submitted by Mark M.

Hello to All,
In regards to HB5758 and specifically this section,
     “no agency of this state, no political subdivision of this state, no employee of an agency of this state or a political subdivision of this state acting in his or her official
    capacity, and no member of the Michigan national guard on official state duty shall aid an agency of the armed forces of the United States in any investigation, prosecution,
    or detention of any person pursuant to section 1021 of the national defense authorization act…”

So what does this mean to me? Absolutely nothing, the federal government does not need the states help in arresting anyone they have enough people in their 3 letter agencies to
do the job.
What would have interested me, would be something that says the State will using any and all means possible to prevent the capture and detaining of our people under the unlawful
NDAA act, now that would get my interest.
I don't want to sound like a debbie downer here I'm just trying to keep it real and even if it did pass then what? Is anything going to change? not from my perspective.
I wish you all the best in trying to use this as a spring board to get other talks going but in my opinion if bills are to be written, they better have some big teeth and offer something
of real value, and not just fluff.

I listened to Kent A. McNeil today on the Greg Marshall radio show at 4 pm.  He shared vital information concerning the importance of the township governance and the power
given it directly by the people.  He shared information about zoning, the county sheriff and more.  I recorded it and will post the recording here in the next day but first I need to
see if it is recorded through The radio station.  Excellent information Kent...thank you!!  <><

To all:
I will be on the Greg Marshall Radio Show out of Petoskey for one hour on Wednesday, December 05, 2012 at 4:00 P.M. I will be discussing our unconstitutional County
governments, (County Board of Commissioners) the elimination of our constitutional Townships, Agenda 21, and other topics as they arise. If you can, please tune in and call in
with your questions, additional information, and support. This is a great time to learn about what is really going on in your local government. Knowledge is power and we can only
take back our government by taking back our local government County’s and Townships.

Call in on Greg’s toll free number at 855-548-0504. Tell Greg Marshall you like the show and he may want me to be on the show every week. This is a chance of a life time to get
the information out to the masses about how this government is out of control and is operating outside the confines of the State Constitution.
Take care
Kent A. McNeil.
It’s Time To Pay Attention to Lansing    by Ramona Moormann  READ PDF ARTICLE
Our legislative leaders in Lansing are planning a busy “lame duck” session. There is a long list of bills that they want to rush through. We need to pay attention to House Bills 6004
and 5923 and Senate Bill 1358. They  could completely change and decimate our public education system. House Bill 6004 and Senate Bill 1358 would put the Education
Achievement Authority (EEA), operating in Detroit, into law and give the authority broad control over education, students and even physical use of school buildings all over the
House Bill 6004 and its twin Senate Bill 1358  will make a new state-wide school district, the Education Achievement Authority, which can take over the "bottom 5%" of schools,
and perhaps others - while the local district has no say. The EAA is free to hand these schools over to for-profit charter management companies, and in fact it can charter new
schools anywhere in the state (whether the schools there are failing or not). The EAA would be run by a board appointed by the Governor, and even the elected State Board of
Education would have no say in its work. These bills also require school districts to sell or lease unused school buildings to the EAA or any other charter school.
House Bill 5923 would create new forms of charter school, including selective admission schools, boarding schools, single-gender schools, and potential store-front schools
operated by cultural organizations, businesses and other groups. Part of the mission given to the EAA in HB 6004 is to implement these provisions.
It can take away community control and funnel your tax dollars to for-profit corporations.  If the bill passes it will give the Governor complete control over the EAA, shutting out
the State Board of Education which is both directly elected and given responsibility for public education in our state constitution. The kind of authority described in the bill is
similar to the Emergency Financial Manager’s authority, which was just rejected by voters on November 6th.
It seems to me that legislative bills with such far reaching effects on our public school system, including diminishing local control of our schools,  should warrant a great deal
more study than the attempt to rush them through the “lame duck” session. (The summary of House Bill 6004 is 15 pages long and House Bill 5923 is 48 pages long.)    If you are
concerned, please take time and make an effort to contact our legislators and the Governor.
~submitted by Charlie & Ramona

The young American; or, Book of government and law, showing their history, nature and necessity (1843)  PDF
Author: Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860
Subject: Political science
Publisher: New York, Robinson
Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language: English
Call number: AEP-5347
Digitizing sponsor: MSN
Book contributor: Robarts - University of Toronto
Collection: robarts; toronto
[First six pages are blank and around page 211  is the Original 13th Amendment (below).  Definitely worth the read.
    Art. XIII.—If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept
    and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince^ or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a
    citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them*

Comment on Craigslist concerning Kalamazoo's High Hay Prices  - pdf of the AD
    Date: 2012-12-03, 8:01AM EST
    Reply to this post Reply to:[
    Am I the only one buying hay and finding mold, leaves, milk weed, thistles, sticks and wild rose vines in the bales???????????
    What's going on!!!
    The prices are high -- guys are buying and selling who never did before -- and everybody is going crazy. How deep do sellers think people's pockets are?
    Hay is a natural resource. Grass-eating Livestock are living things that depend on people to feed them. I don't care what anybody says -- there are families out there
    struggling to feed their horses, cows, goats, you name it and still keep their electric on, their mortgage paid, gas in the tank and food on the table. And these people
    need some respect for what they're doing -- not cheats and speculators taking advantage of them right now in a market where you can hardly sell a horse. You guys
    are killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

    And auctions with the arrogance to place ads saying "bring your truck, your trailer and your money!!!" What's that about?????????? This isn't a "party" -- a good old
    time. It's a state-wide, industry-wide agricultural emergency.

    I, for one, have had enough.

    If anyone agrees with me, I can be reached through this ad. I want to hear from other livestock owners who feel the same way and let's take this thing to our state
    Representatives for some emergency price regulation. [end of ad]

I would like to comment on the message in the above ad...the message is part of the problem, not the solution! Why do I say this, because until we change our nanny state
mentality nothing is going to change. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome each time. Have we not learned

The POLITICIANS ARE THE PROBLEM...the US CORPORATION IS THE PROBLEM,  AND the UN is the problem AND it is all by design, and going to the government to
solve our problems to regulate pricing will solve nothing other than to put more small farmers out of business to give even greater power to the CORPORATE AG.

The root cause of  high prices in upper Michigan, and across our nation  is the
WEATHER MODIFICATION (read) the government is using to divert rain to other areas, and also
can/is causing flooding in the areas it is being diverted to. We've been in drought conditions in various places in the U.P. for the past couple of years now.  If people are going to
contact their representatives they need to know the truth and address the root of the problem.

Farmers are trying to keep their farms and feed their families as well.  If we are going to have animals we need to plan accordingly or reduce our stock to insure they will be fed.  
The farmer that has provided my hay for the past 15 years could not this year for the first time.  He had to keep all he had just to feed his cattle and it was doubtful he'd be able to,
that is how bad the drought has been this year.  This put a burden on the other farmers to provide hay for his previous customers, so naturally the price is going to climb, “supply
and demand”.

The US CORPORATION, INC defacto government has programmed us to look at symptoms rather than the true cause. The quality of the hay, as well as other crops  are greatly
reduced, and trees are dying not to mention the health of our bodies is under assault as well because of the below fact:

    "Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country has shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano aluminum-
    coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and
    polymer fibers. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic.(4) Barium is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function.
    Independent researchers and labs continue to show off-the-scale levels of these poisons. A few “anonymous” officials have acknowledged this on-going aerosol spraying."  
    [excerpt from Global Research, link below]

Possible solutions for hay are:: place order early in the season, and establish local relationships with farmers growing hay in your area, perhaps co-op/barter with them and try to
establish several sources even if it means reaching out to neighboring communities,(this is what I had to do and two of my sources are an hour away), reduce stock, grow as
much of your own food as you can and most importantly...”HELP US TO CONTINUE TO BUILD OUR DE JURE REPUBLIC OF, BY, AND FOR THE PEOPLE”!!!  We can,
and will prevail if we allow Almighty God's wisdom to guide us. People helping people is what we need to get back to, not more corporate regulations on the small mom and pop
businesses because it is these small businessses that once made America strong. This is what we NEED to return to.
More Research on "geo-engineering", also known as weather modification can be found here:  C
arnicom Institute    Global Research
In God Is Our Trust,
Bonnie Frownfelte  <><

December 02, 2012  Stop the Takeover of Public Education in Michigan    HB 6004  & SB 1358
These Bills are about the government take over of the public fool system school just like the emergency manager system anyone can go here and  enter the bill # in the proper  
window and the bill will come up so you can read it first hand!!
 CLICK   [or click the blue link above for each Bill to read it]

Do not continue to promote the passage of HB 6004 or any other legislation that replaces locally elected representatives of the people with unelected State appointed bureaucrats.
We do not want the education of our children privatized and our tax dollars and local school buildings turned over to for-profit corporations.

    I signed a petition to The Michigan State House, The Michigan State Senate, and Governor Rick Snyder which says:

    "Do not continue to promote the passage of HB 6004 or any other legislation that replaces locally elected representatives of the people with unelected State appointed
    bureaucrats. We do not want the education of our children privatized and our tax dollars and local school buildings turned over to for-profit corporations."
    Will you sign this petition? Click here
~submitted by Charlie
You will not have a fair election until we go to a three (3) part paper ballot counted by at least two independent party's. One copy goes in the official ballot box the second copy
goes in the official militia ballot box and the third goes in your pocket so you have record how you voted. At days end the official ballot box and the official militia ballot box better
be the same out come. The only thing that can be done is for the people to force a repeal of the ACT of 1871 and the Emergency WAR POWER ACT!   The sad point is most of
the people  don't even know what the constitution is and what it was intended to do.
~submitted by Charlie
"We the People" were totally frustrated with the tyranny of Great Britain so we drafted a Constitution or rulebook to prevent our new government from abusing our rights. We
create three branches of government to and create a system of checks and balances. Then we, supposedly give the power to one of the three branches the authority to judge
whether or not the government is following the rules. Why don't we just hire a fox to guard the hen house? Would you create a set of rules for your teenage son and then give him
the authority to determine when he has violated your rules?
"We the People" were to be the Masters and the government was to be our Servant. When the Servant has the power to interpret the Constitution, the Servant becomes the
Master. The ultimate judge of the Constitutionality of the acts of Congress is "We the People" not corporate lawyers that sit on the Supreme Court.

    November 30, 2012   State Board of Education Statement on House Bill 6004 and Senate Bill 1358 The Education Achievement Authority (EAA) was established to run
    schools in a state-wide district in order to raise the achievement of low-performing students and turn around persistently underachieving schools. It was established
    through an Interlocal Agreement between the Board of Regents of Eastern Michigan University and the School District for the City of Detroit. SB1358 and HB 6004 seek to
    codify the role and the work of the EAA within a new section of the Revised School Code Part 7C. The State Board of Education wants to see an EAA designed and
    focused to successfully execute its mission.  We believe this legislation may be premature, but if the Legislature chooses to move it forward, here are the State Board of
    Education’s recommendations concerning how these bills should be modified. READ MORE

    Sent: Fri 11/30/2012 12:12 AM
    To:; Rep. Matt Lori (District 59)

    Representative LORI

    I'm requesting you to do everything in your capacity to stop this SB1358 and HB 6004 and 5923.  We don't need more rouge government robbing us blind and
    running our affairs. Return the schools to the community and the people. We don't need these fancy school buildings and ball fields and gymnasium's we need
    educated  youngsters coming out of the schools.
    [name removed for privacy]
    Jones MI
~submitted by Grey Beard

November 29, 2012  Federal Poverty Guidelines Used in the Determination of Poverty Exemptions for 2013  (Property Taxes)
    MCL 211.7u, which deals with poverty exemptions, was significantly altered by PA 390 of 1994 and was further amended by PA 620 of 2002.
    Local governing bodies are required to adopt guidelines that set income levels for their poverty exemption guidelines and those income levels shall not be set lower by a city
    or township than the federal poverty guidelines updated annually by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This means, for example, that the income level for
    a household of 3 persons shall not be set lower than $19,090 which is the amount shown on the following chart for a family of 3 persons. The income level for a family of
    3 persons may be set higher than $19,090. Following are the federal poverty guidelines for use in setting poverty exemption guidelines for 2013 assessments. READ MORE
    ~submitted by Charlie F.

November 28, 2012    We Must Fight! by Patrick Henry
    When reading this replace British ministry with the U.N. AND THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION!! ~Isaiah

    No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just addressed the house. But different men often see the
    same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen, if entertaining, as I do, opinions of a character very opposite
    to theirs, I shall speak forth my sentiments freely, and without reserve.

    This is no time for ceremony. The question before the house is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of  
    freedom or slavery. And in proportion to the magnitude of the subject, ought to be the freedom of debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth and fulfill
    the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country  READ MORE
~submitted by Isaiah

November 27, 2012   "CRACKING THE CODE" The Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America by Peter Eric Hendrickson
    For the 64 years of its existence, the U. S. Internal Revenue Code has been ridiculed, feared and despised by virtually everyone.  And why not?  As presented
    by the Internal Revenue Service, the code appears illogical, inconsistent and incomprehensible.  As presented, the code defies practically the entire Bill of
    Rights– requiring citizens to testify against themselves, allowing searches and seizures without warrants, levying fines and penalties without trials and
    imposing a tax on the basic right to earn a living.  As presented, the IRC would appear to turn everything we all thought we had learned in grade school
    English and Civics on its head.

    Is it possible that we all just misunderstood those simple lessons?  Maybe.  But researcher, analyst and scholar Peter E. Hendrickson believes that after
    Cracking the Code, you’ll agree that what has been misunderstood is the 3,413,780 word monstrosity itself– and how, and to whom, it applies. Hendrickson
    delves deep into the history, statutes and case law behind the Code to reveal its startling and liberating secrets; and unless you live in a cave, you need to
    know what he’s uncovered.  Once you've finished “Cracking the Code”, the tax laws will never mean the same thing to you, or your bank account, again!

    November 26, 2012    LETTER FROM HOBBY LOBBY STORES CEO   By David Green, the founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
    When my family and I started our company 40 years ago, we were working out of a garage on a $600 bank loan, assembling miniature picture frames. Our
    first retail store wasn’t much bigger than most people’s living rooms, but we had faith that we would succeed if we lived and worked according to God’s word.
    From there, Hobby Lobby has become one of the nation’s largest arts and crafts retailers, with more than 500 locations in 41 states. Our children grew up into
    fine business leaders, and today we run Hobby Lobby together, as a family.
    We’re Christians, and we run our business on Christian principles. I’ve always said that the first two goals of our business are (1) to run our business in
    harmony with God’s laws, and (2) to focus on people more than money. And that’s what we’ve tried to do. We close early so our employees can see their
    families at night. We keep our stores closed on Sundays, one of the week’s biggest shopping days, so that our workers and their families can enjoy a day of
    rest. We believe that it is by God’s grace that Hobby Lobby has endured, and he has blessed us and our employees. We’ve not only added jobs in a weak
    economy, we’ve raised wages for the past four years in a row. Our full-time employees start at 80% above minimum wage.
    But now, our government threatens to change all of that. A new government health care mandate says that our family business MUST provide what I believe
    are abortion-causing drugs as part of our health insurance. Being Christians, we don’t pay for drugs that might cause abortions, which means that we don’t
    cover emergency contraception, the morning-after pill or the week-after pill. We believe doing so might end a life after the moment of conception, something
    that is contrary to our most important beliefs. It goes against the Biblical principles on which we have run this company since day one. If we refuse to comply,
    we could face $1.3 million PER DAY in government fines.
    Our government threatens to fine job creators in a bad economy. Our government threatens to fine a company that’s raised wages four years running. Our
    government threatens to fine a family for running it’s business according to it’s beliefs. It’s not right. I know people will say we ought to follow the rules;
    that it’s the same for everybody. But that’s not true. The government has exempted thousands of companies from this mandate, for reasons of convenience
    or cost. But it won’t exempt them for reasons of religious belief.
    So, Hobby Lobby and my family are forced to make a choice. With great reluctance, we filed a lawsuit today, represented by the Becket Fund for Religious
    Liberty, asking a federal court to stop this mandate before it hurts our business. We don’t like to go running into court, but we no longer have a choice. We
    believe people are more important than the bottom line and that honoring God is more important than turning a profit.
    My family has lived the American dream. We want to continue growing our company and providing great jobs for thousands of employees, but the government
    is going to make that much more difficult. The government is forcing us to choose between following our faith and following the law. I say that’s a choice no
    American and no American business should have to make.
    The government cannot force you to follow laws that go against your fundamental religious belief. They have exempted thousands of companies but will not
    except Christian organizations including the Catholic church.
    Since you will not see this covered in any of the liberal media, pass this on to all your contacts.
    David Green, CEO and Founder of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
    2012-11-26 14:00:12
    [MY COMMENT: This is the kind of ambition and hard work that made America great, and what our de jure republic is founded on, please get the message in
    this letter and what has happened to our freedom. BF <><]
    ~article submitted by Amy C

    Modern Transcript:
    Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore
    his protection and favor -- and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me "to recommend to the People of the United
    States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by
    affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness."

    Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and
    glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be -- That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere
    and humble thanks -- for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation -- for the signal and manifold
    mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his Providence which we experienced in the tranquility [sic], union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed -- for
    the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the
    national One now lately instituted -- for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful
    knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.

    And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our
    national and other transgressions -- to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually
    -- to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and
    faithfully executed and obeyed -- to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shewn [sic] kindness onto us) and to bless them with
    good government, peace, and concord -- To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the encrease [sic] of science among them and
    us -- and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best.

    Given under my hand at the City of New York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789.  ~ George Washington     Original Text

    November 21, 2012    PROCLAMATION - AMERICA SEEKS GOD IN A TIME OF WAR - 1777
    This is the text of the first national day of thanksgiving in America (set for December 18, 1777), declared by the Continental Congress on November 1, 1777:
    November 1, 1777
    FORASMUCH as it is the indispensable Duty of all Men to adore the superintending Providence of Almighty God; to acknowledge with Gratitude their
    Obligation to him for benefits received, and to implore such farther Blessings as they stand in Need of; And it having pleased him in his abundant Mercy not
    only to continue to us the innumerable Bounties of his common Providence, but also to smile upon us in the Prosecution of a just and necessary War, for the
    Defence and Establishment of our unalienable Rights and Liberties; particularly in that he hath been pleased in so great a Measure to prosper the Means used
    for the Support of our Troops and to crown our Arms with most signal success:
    It is therefore recommended to the legislative or executive powers of these United States, to set apart THURSDAY, the eighteenth Day of December next, for
    Solemn Thanksgiving and Praise; That with one Heart and one Voice the good People may express the grateful Feelings of their Hearts, and consecrate
    themselves to the Service of their Divine Benefactor; and that together with their sincere Acknowledgments and Offerings, they may join the penitent
    Confession of their manifold Sins, whereby they had forfeited every Favour, and their humble and earnest Supplication that it may please GOD, through the
    Merits of Jesus Christ, mercifully to forgive and blot them out of Remembrance; That it may please him graciously to afford his Blessing on the Governments
    of these States respectively, and prosper the public Council of the whole; to inspire our Commanders both by Land and Sea, and all under them, with that
    Wisdom and Fortitude which may render them fit Instruments, under the Providence of Almighty GOD, to secure for these United States the greatest of all
    human blessings, INDEPENDENCE and PEACE; That it may please him to prosper the Trade and Manufactures of the People and the Labour of the
    Husbandman, that our Land may yet yield its Increase; To take Schools and Seminaries of Education, so necessary for cultivating the Principles of true
    Liberty, Virtue and Piety, under his nurturing Hand, and to prosper the Means of Religion for the promotion and enlargement of that Kingdom which
    consisteth “in Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost.”
    And it is further recommended, that servile Labour, and such Recreation as, though at other Times innocent, may be unbecoming the Purpose of this
    Appointment, be omitted on so solemn an Occasion.
    Extract from the Minutes,
    Charles Thomson, Secr.

    [This proclamation can be found in: Journals of the American Congress From 1774 to 1788 (Washington: Way and Gideon, 1823), Vol. II, pp. 309-310]
    This is text excerpted from a national fast declared by the Continental Congress on March 16, 1776:
    In times of impending calamity and distress; when the liberties of America are imminently endangered by the secret machinations and open assaults of an
    insidious and vindictive administration, it becomes the indispensable duty of these hitherto free and happy colonies, with true penitence of heart, and the most
    reverent devotion, publickly to acknowledge the over ruling providence of God; to confess and deplore our offences against him; and to supplicate his
    interposition for averting the threatened danger, and prospering our strenuous efforts in the cause of freedom, virtue, and posterity.
    . . . Desirous, at the same time, to have people of all ranks and degrees duly impressed with a solemn sense of God's superintending providence, and of their
    duty, devoutly to rely, in all their lawful enterprizes, on his aid and direction, Do earnestly recommend, that Friday, the Seventeenth day of May next, be
    observed by the said colonies as a day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer; that we may, with united hearts, confess and bewail our manifold sins and
    transgressions, and, by a sincere repentance and amendment of life, appease his righteous displeasure, and, through the merits and mediation of Jesus
    Christ, obtain his pardon and forgiveness; humbly imploring his assistance to frustrate the cruel purposes of our unnatural enemies;
    . . . that it may please the Lord of Hosts, the God of Armies, to animate our officers and soldiers with invincible fortitude, to guard and protect them in the
    day of battle, and to crown the continental arms, by sea and land, with victory and success: Earnestly beseeching him to bless our civil rulers, and the
    representatives of the people, in their several assemblies and conventions; to preserve and strengthen their union, to inspire them with an ardent,
    disinterested love of their country; to give wisdom and stability to their counsels; and direct them to the most efficacious measures for establishing the rights
    of America on the most honourable and permanent basis—That he would be graciously pleased to bless all his people in these colonies with health and plenty,
    and grant that a spirit of incorruptible patriotism, and of pure undefiled religion, may universally prevail; and this continent be speedily restored to the
    blessings of peace and liberty, and enabled to transmit them inviolate to the latest posterity. And it is recommended to Christians of all denominations, to
    assemble for public worship, and abstain from servile labour on the said day.

    [Source: Journals of the American Congress From 1774 to 1788 (Washington: Way and Gideon, 1823), Vol. I, pp. 286-287]
    The above is what made this nation great - Almighty God blessed our nation because we sought His guidance and protection.  Almighty God was feared,
    instead of the government.  "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." <><
    This is a simple plea for all to think about what is being proposed.  Look further down the road than where they are today and the weapons they want to ban.  
    Most would say it doesn't matter I don't own any of them, and others might say people shouldn't be allowed to own these weapons, and don't need this type of
    weapon so they will support the banning of them, but people please think about this because this is how they erode our rights and remove our liberties.  A
    little bit at a time, starting with what doesn't matter to most Americans, but what you don't realize is that once that door is opened they will not stop at just
    these weapons, next it will be your hunting rifle or target pistol.  Please stand with your fellow Americans to defend FREEDOM for EVERYONE...because if we
    all are not free, then none of us are free really. Gun control does not protect the people, the criminals will still have these weapons.  Laws are made for law
    abiding, not for the lawless, and the law abiding do not need laws because they already have respect for others. <><

November 15, 2012     Why Texas would flourish as an independent Republic based on liberty, not debt by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
    Citizens from all 50 U.S. states have now filed petitions with the White House asking for "peaceful secession" from the union. According to Daily Caller,
    more than 675,000 petition signatures have now been collected.  The Texas petition now has over 100,000 signatures, and more signatures are appearing by
    the hour.  It raises the practical question: Could Texas survive as a nation state if it secedes from the union?  The short answer is YES.  No state is better
    positioned than Texas to fend for itself   As you'll see here, Texas is unquestionably the state best positioned to function as its own nation. Here's why:  READ
    ~submitted by Cathy C.
    Ron Paul: Secession Is an American Principle
    Ron Paul: "Secession is a good principle. Just think of the benefits that would have come over these last 230-some years if the principle of secession had
    existed. That means the federal government would always have been restrained, not to overburden the states with too much federalism, too many federal
    rules and regulations.
    But since that was all wiped out with the Civil War, the federal government has grown by leaps and bounds and we have suffered the consequences, and we
    need to reconsider this. It’s not un-American to think about the possibility of secession. This is something that’s voluntary. We came together voluntarily. A
    free society means you can dissolve it voluntarily. That's what the whole issue was about."  READ MORE
    ~submitted by Cathy C

    November 14, 2012    Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950  No. 82
    Principles of International Law Recognized in the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal and in the Judgment of the Tribunal. Adopted by the International Law
    Commission of the United Nations, 1950.

    Introductory note: Under General Assembly Resolution 177 (II), paragraph (a), the International Law Commission was directed to "formulate the principles
    of international law recognized in the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal and in the judgment of the Tribunal." In the course of the consideration of this
    subject, the question arose as to whether or not the Commission should ascertain to what extent the principles contained in the Charter and judgment
    constituted principles of international law. The conclusion was that since the Nuremberg Principles had been affirmed by the General Assembly, the task
    entrusted to the Commission was not to express any appreciation of these principles as principles of international law but merely to formulate them. The text
    below was adopted by the Commission at its second session. The Report of the Commission also contains commentaries on the principles (see Yearbook of the
    Intemational Law Commission, 1950, Vol. II, pp. 374-378). Authentic text: English Text published in Report of the International Law Commission Covering
    its Second Session, 5 June-29 Duly 1950, Document A/1316, pp. 11-14.

             Principle I
    Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefor and liable to punishment.
    Principle II
    The fact that internal law does not impose a penalty for an act which constitutes a crime under international law does not relieve the person who
    committed the act from responsibility under international law.
    Principle III
    The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible Government
    official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.
    Principle IV
    The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international
    law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.
    Principle V
    Any person charged with a crime under international law has the right to a fair trial on the facts and law.
    Principle Vl
    The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under; international law:
    Crimes against peace:
    Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
    Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).
    War crimes:
    Violations of the laws or customs of war which include, but are not limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation to slave-labor or for any other
    purpose of civilian population of or in occupied territory, murder or illtreatment of prisoners of war, of persons on the seas, killing of hostages,
    plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.
    Crimes against humanity:
    Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhuman acts done against any civilian population, or persecutions on political, racial
    or religious grounds, when such acts are done or such persecutions are carried on in execution of or in connection with any crime against peace
    or any war crime.
    Principle VII
    Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity as set forth in Principles VI is a crime under
    international law.
    WWW URL:
    The Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal
    This is the findings of international law of World War II.  The final piece of the law is found in the 2nd paragraph of the preface of the LAW OF NATIONS.
    What this all says is, we as free and conscience persons have and must choose to do what is right. Being ordered or threatened to support a corrupt
    Government does not excuse us from the gilt of the crimes being committed. We have in indisputable right to disassociate with any group that violates our
    own sense of morals and values, that includes physical and financial support. I hope that everyone understands the documents I am providing are only written
    prof of what God had already given us as law and rights.     
    ~submitted by David W
    I THINK ITS TIME WE BROKE FOR LUNCH...Court rulings depend partly on when the judge last had a snack
    AROUND the world, courthouses are adorned with a statue of a blindfolded woman holding a set of scales and a sword: Justice personified. Her sword stands
    for the power of the court, her scales for the competing claims of the petitioners. The blindfold (a 15th-century innovation) represents the principle that
    justice should be blind. The law should be applied without fear or favour, with only cold reason and the facts of the case determining what happens to the
    accused. Lawyers, though, have long suspected that such lofty ideals are not always achieved in practice, even in well run judicial systems free from political
    meddling. Justice, say the cynics, is what the judge had for breakfast. Now they have proof.  READ MORE
    ~submitted by David W
    White House ‘secede’ petitions reach 675,000 signatures, 50-state participation
    Less than a week after a New Orleans suburbanite petitioned the White House to allow Louisiana to secede from the United States, petitions from seven
    states have collected enough signatures to trigger a promised review from the Obama administration. By 6:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, more than 675,000 digital
    signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis of requests lodged with the White House’s
    “We the People” online petition system. A petition from Vermont, where talk of secession is a regular feature of political life, was the final entry. Petitions
    from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas residents have accrued at least 25,000 signatures, the number the Obama
    administration says it will reward with a staff review of online proposals. (RELATED: Will Texas secede? Petition triggers White House review) The Texas
    petition leads all others by a wide margin. Shortly before 9:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, it had attracted 94,700 signatures. But a spokesperson for Gov. Rick
    Perry said Tuesday afternoon that he does not support the idea of his state striking out on its own. READ MORE
    ~submitted by Brent O

    What honor do the American people show our veterans if we will not stand along side them to defend our  Bill of Rights, if we'll not defend our own
    Constitution, or our unalienable rights given to us by our Creator?  Our veterans took an oath and defended that oath to the death for the American people,
    are we just going to roll-over and line up at the nearest TSA or HLS office to hand-over our Second Amendment Right?  Our republic of, by, and for the
    people is dying because our country has been divided from within.  Groups, organizations, foundations, trust, parties, and several other groups with seemingly
    important acronyms are everywhere and everyone is segregated to their group or "pet project", and what does it truly accomplish other than to keep the
    American people divided.  A nation divided cannot stand.  Just because you don't own guns, care nothing about them and deem them evil, it is still a protected
    right given to us by our forefathers for a reason. Guns do not kill people, people kill people and if those that killed people.  Law abiding citizens should not
    lose their because of the lawless, because the lawless will keep their guns and now the law abiding citizens will not have the ability to protect themselves.  

    Do you enjoy your freedom of speech or your freedom of religion, how is it that one or two rights are to be protected but it is ok to give away another just
    because it doesn't apply to you since you don't own a gun?  If we give up one, we might as well surrender them all at the same time because if they are
    allowed to take one they will take all in time.

    This really should not be an issue because our rights can NOT be infringed upon, nor is it lawful for a UN Treaty to supersede our Constitution, or Bill of
    Rights.Treaties are between countries, not its what kind of corruption is taking place between the defacto us corporation government and the UN?  
    Please carefully read the quote below from James Madison:

    "The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation ... forms a barrier against
    the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of." --James Madison (1788)
    An excerpt from an article (link below in yesterdays post for another) on the Battle of Athens, TN:
    As a direct descendent of Tennessee Patriots who were veterans of every major conflict in defense of American Liberty from the American
    Revolution forward, I stand in reverence of my home state's distinguished list of Patriot sons and daughters. From 19th century notables like
    Andrew Jackson*, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, Nathan Bedford Forrest** and Sam Davis, to a long list of 20th century Patriots headed by Alvin
    York, warriors from the "Volunteer State" have distinguished themselves in battle with honor and courage. Even our state's nickname was
    earned in recognition of the valiant service of volunteer soldiers during the War of 1812, most notably during the Battle of New Orleans. READ

    It's time America...rise up and let your voice be heard...let us come together as one people, under  God...standing for liberty, justice and freedom for all

"The United Nations is the greatest fraud in all History. ITS PURPOSE IS TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES."

    When I was a young officer and jet fighter pilot flying missions in the Korean Conflict (unknowingly under the command of a Soviet General of the United
    Nations Security Council), I could never understand how the ENEMY KNEW SO MUCH ABOUT US, as broadcast almost daily over the communist Pyongyang
    radio station in North Korea.  Our wives' names, childrens' names, Squadron Commander names, flight numbers, etc.!  The North Koreans knew when we
    were coming, how many of us there were, what type of aircraft we were flying and even the targets we were to hit.  Later I realized that the naval and ground
    forces suffered the same fate that we did, especially our Army and Marine infantry troops.
    All of our military operations had to be forwarded by radio to the Soviet Commander of the United Nations Security Council at the United Nations Building,
    New York City, for approval before our forces went into action against the North Koreans and Red Chinese.   The Soviet Commander of the United Nations
    Security Council delayed the battle plans until he used the radios in the United Nations Building in New York to relay all our "battle planning information" to
    Moscow, North Korea and Red China. READ MORE
    ~submitted by Grey Beard
    We petition the Obama administration to: [it appears there are 19 other states that have filed petitions: LINK]
    Peacefully grant the State of Michigan to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.
    As the founding fathers of the United States of America made clear in the Declaration of Independence in 1776:

    "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to
    assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the
    opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

    "...Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes
    destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government..."

    Created: Nov 10, 2012
    Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties
    Learn about Petition Thresholds
    It's up to you to build support for petitions you care about and gather more signatures. A petition must get 150 signatures in order to be publicly searchable
    Over time, we may need to adjust the petition signature thresholds, but we'll always let you know what the thresholds are.

    Signatures needed by December 10, 2012 to reach goal of 25,00023,287Total signatures on this petition1,713.  LINK
    ~submitted by Randy H

    "Let me understand this you are asking a crook, thief ,usurper, treasonous trader, and others for permission to do something?? The founding didn't
    draft the Declaration of Independence! Thomas Pain did and Thomas Jefferson  twisted it some to suit slavers...  Now back to the problem at hand . Do
    you think the De Facto will even look at an online petition?? It has no force of law! They will at best look at it and laugh and DELETE IT.  Look at all
    THEN CUT OFF THEIR INCOME!!  You don't ask mother may I, You tell them this is what you, my servant will do!! As in The Declaration We The
    People have to abolish this FAILED EXPERIMENT TOTALLY and Start a new form of government totally Different. The problems we have today is why
    the option and DUTY was put in the Declaration of Independence. Inauguration Day would be a good time to serve notice and clean house!!
    Time is Short
    A Renegade In The Wilderness and A Veteran
    The above comment is something to think about…and this….We need to start thinking like the “free” people we are, we do not need “permission” to
    do what is our right to do, this is the conditioning through the years by the nanny state us corporate government…they’ve reversed the relationship on
    us, such as our children try to do when they are teenagers….  We are the People (adults)….the Sovereigns with unalienable rights given to us by our
    Creator…the government (children)  is under the people (parents).   The problem is that is the way it is in our de jure republic that has been usurped
    and we need to bring it back…it is still there but not being used.  …Also, beware people that living in an era of such corruption and the "online"
    profiling that is taking place, do you suppose there might be an agenda for this information?  It certainly isn't to "listen" to the people because I've
    already heard of petitions that have reached the 25k signatures needed for the petition to be addressed by the President, and it was not.  Discern!  BF
    I don't know what idiot(s) thought of this bright idea(not) to ask and "petition" the corporate servants for "permission" to allow the master to exit
    their slave system of bondage. Poor little slaves.  It is a slave mentality to even think to "petition" the servants for freedom.I believe a good way to
    serve notice to the corporate servants is to "campaign" and collect the Peoples signatures, and once we have enough we need, then serve them notice of
    reseating and reinstating the Republic Government of, by and for the People. We need to set up a system or format that each and every state can
    implement and exercise in order to accomplish this goal on a grander scale.  Just a thought... -Mark

    November 10, 2012    
    Look at the article below, I do not put much stock in Alex Jones, but the usurper and company might try to pick up the guns but understand this!!
    The Government has no authority to mess with the second amendment!
    It is not something government legislated for We The People . It was legislated by Yahweh for your defence and protection and the government was instructed
    not to infringe on it.  Thus the term Shall NOT Be Infringed.
    Yes the Usurper thief and company may very well try and come and collect the  guns like other country's Some not to long ago! It will be up to we the people
    to show them whom is boss and decide if we remain free.
    The term Well Regulated in the 2and Amendment has nothing to do with government control of any type!
    It requires you to be proficient with your arms. last you and your family's life is in real time and today's Law Enforcement is past tense or After the fact.
    Remember that Mr. Patrick Henry was once confronted by one of his adversary and he said Mr. Henry we no longer need guns if we get a scoundrel in office
    we can vote him out. Mr. Patrick Henry replied if you don't have a gun you don't have a vote!!
    This last charade of an election would have been a lot different had every American that voted brought his gun and at the poll closing seized the ballot boxes!
    Look up the BATTLE OF  ATHENS TENNESSEE it wasn't all that long ago.
    A Renegade In The Wilderness
    The Views and Opinions Are the Views and Opinions!
    [ARTICLE] Published on Nov 9, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel
    While ignorant Obamanoids can’t get past the celebrity image of “their” president, our Constitutional republic is quickly crumbling. The Obama
    Administration has openly announced their intent to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban that was “law” for ten years, but this time Dianne Feinstein and
    the gun-grabbing liberals aren’t just restricting new weapons & ammo purchases, but seeking legislation to require arms be turned in and private sales be
    barred. Simultaneously, the Obama Administration is helping to revive the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which will undermine the sovereignty of the
    2nd Amendment by putting international control over the flow of weapons, inevitably inside the U.S. border as well as nation wide. This is not speculation, this
    is not hyperbole, this is not myth– but the admitted plan now underway. We must awaken to this authoritarian control measure and stop it through political
    pressure before it is too late. Get this special report, featuring research by Alex Jones and Infowars reporters David Knight and Aaron Dykes, out to everyone
    you know!
    Obama Calls for Renewal of Assault Weapons Ban
    Globalists Pull Out All Stops to Grab Guns After Obama Victory
    After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks
    Senator Feinstein looking to introduce new assault weapons ban
    ~submitted by Grey Beard

November 9, 2012 Michigan Free De Jure State Web Form - Form Contact List is growing!

    This is an update to let everyone know that we are getting regular contact now from the web form on our website.  I wanted to send out an email to everyone
    before I posted it on the NEWS page of our website.

    We are getting several people that are interested in our citizen/people’s militia which I consider to be very good because as you all know from history the
    militia is just that, the people!  Citizenry is the first line of defense for our de jure republic state to maintain its constitutionality, and to defend our borders if
    need be.  Our revised ratified Constitution of Michigan maintained its language in support of a “well-regulated” militia.”

    Also, there are many others that have contacted us, but would just like to receive information when it is sent, and that is ok too.  It’s encouraging to know
    there are many watching because that means, when we get close to the critical mass we need for true constitutional change, they are there and in  my heart I
    know they will step forward when the time is right.

    Many people would like to be involved but they don’t know exactly what to do or think they are unqualified to participate.  This is not so, we are all just the
    people and that is what our de jure republic form of governance is founded in, of, by, and for the people, and it most definitely is not about politics. I think we
    all have had enough of the politicians, I know I have!  We've allowed the “highly educated” and the "money"  to run our country and look what has happened
    to it?  Most of us have a household, and maybe even a business we manage or own, we balance budgets, juggle schedules, quiet sibling unrest and most of us
    are at peace with our neighbors!   

    We just have to set aside the defacto corporate programming and use common sense, wisdom, and know the difference between right and wrong based on
    absolute TRUTH.  That is our foundation and we should not sway from it because our de jure republic is one of self-responsibility in self-governing.  If we
    cannot self-govern then perhaps we do need the nanny police state.  If we cannot resolve our differences by peaceful means  using sound logic and common
    sense along with the two greatest commandments then we’ll never be free because there will always be someone that will step up to take the control we refuse
    to accept for ourselves.  Bottom line, this is a battle between good and evil, and if we are not willing to return morality to our nation then evil will continue to
    reign and flourish at an accelerated rate as it has for the past 45+ years.  I can attest to this acceleration first hand in this time frame because I’m 59.  It is
    up to us elders that know the truth to educate our children and grandchildren.  It has been a slow progression through the generations, and more truth is lost
    with the passing of each.

    There is much we can learn from yesteryear, because we've lived it, and watched the steady usurpation of our republic by the corporation, and banking cartel.  
    I pray the new guard of this era will remember this corruption and use it as a template to close the loopholes when it is time to review our documents for new
    language to safe-guard this from happening again in another 50 years.  Language needs to be simple and common to the people, not legal speak law terms
    given to many different interpretations for the manipulation of the people’s rights.  Michigan from its inception was incorporated, which most know that we’
    ve been a “police state” for a very long time and fluoride was first introduced to the community water first right here in Grand Rapids. Michigan.  We have
    our work cut out for us but I do believe the many of the people are ready.  They just need to be connected to one another.

    It is my thought also that much time can be spent abolishing laws instead of thinking of new bills, acts, etc.  We have so many laws on the books now that
    every  man, woman, and child could be criminalized for something.  Time should be spent cleaning these up and all statutes should be gone.  If there isn’t a
    victim there isn’t a crime period.  These are just a few of my thoughts, but of course, it is up to the people, but many will be fearful of being free, just like
    when an animal is first released from a cage after long captivity, they don’t know what to do, until their instinct kicks in, and off they go.  In a free society
    criminals will be dealt with and dealt with harshly, this is what deters crime, not creating more laws for the law abiding citizenry.

    In closing, If there are some that would like to be in contact with others that contacted our free de jure state please email me and I will start a roster to send
    out to others.  It would only have first name, last initial, and email address.  It would be up to the individuals to share any other information.  The only way
    we can build is if we all start connecting with one another to share information.  Communication is important and I do not want to be the only voice when
    there are many more knowledgeable than myself on-board.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege to reach out to you.

    In God Is Our Trust,
    Bonnie Frownfelter

    November 8, 2012    After Nearly A Decade, Roy Moore Regains Alabama Chief Justice Seat - Written by Dave Bohon
    Roy Moore, the Christian constitutionalist judge who was unseated in 2003 as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court after he refused to obey a federal
    court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state's judicial building, was re-elected to the position November 6. Moore, who had spent
    the last year traveling the state to gain support, defeated Jefferson County Circuit Judge Bob Vance to win back his old job. “It's clear the people have voted
    to return me to the office of Chief Justice,” said Moore as his victory was assured. “I have no doubt this is a vindication. I look forward to being the next
    Chief Justice.” READ MORE

    1828 Definition:  COMMUNICATION, n.
    1. The act of imparting, conferring, or delivering, from one to another; as the communication of knowledge, opinions or facts.
    2. Intercourse by words, letters or messages; interchange of thoughts or opinions, by conference or other means.
    Abner had communication with the elders of Israel, saying, Ye sought for David in times past to be king over you. 2 Sam. 3.
    Let your communication be, yea, yea; nay, nay. Mat. 5.
    In 1 Cor. 15:33, Evil communications corrupt good manners, the word may signify conversation, colloquial discourses, or customary
    association and familiarity.
    3. Intercourse; interchange of knowledge; correspondence; good understanding between men.
    Secrets may be carried so far as to stop the communication necessary among all who have the management of affairs.
    4. Connecting passage; means of passing from place to place; as a strait or channel between seas or lakes, a road between cities or
    countries, a gallery between apartments in a house, an avenue between streets, &c.
    Keep open a communication with the besieged place.
    5. That which is communicated or imparted.
    The house received a communication from the Governor, respecting the hospital.
    6. In rhetoric, a trope by which a speaker or writer takes his hearer or speaker as a partner in his sentiments, and says we, instead of I or
Is the breakdown in communication by design?  Is it the back door to dismantling "Freedom of Speech"?  Our younger generation spends all their time text
messaging,  and rarely use the phone to audibly speak to their friends or family.  In the business world email is used more than the telephone, again there is no true
connection to the human spirit. Having the ability to share our human spirit with others through our opinions, thoughts and facts discovered is extremely important,
and what makes us unique.

Words are limited when sent electronically and expressions are lost or given to misinterpretation.  A disconnect between people has taken place in this country and
it is because we no longer speak face to face with our neighbors sharing our opinions, knowledge, and facts.  We do not hear their voice while looking into their eyes
that makes that human connection.   Our communication with people is becoming as sterile as the “technology” we use to send it. Thus, we are willingly abandoning
our freedom of speech, and that of others. Some would say, how can that be when communication has never been so advanced or so readily available?  Could it be
that too much information might not necessarily be a good thing, especially if it is hidden behind a monitor.  Anything can be written and sent to cyberland and
many take it as gospel.  Many cyber guru's come and go leaving behind them much disappointment by those that put their hope on all the cyber guru promises for
remedy and change.  Anyone can say and be anybody they want because there isn't the ear to hear or the eye to the soul to look into for intent of one's spirit.
There's no accountability and now we even have an online database (Wikipedia) where anyone can add anything at all as fact with no proof of its validity. Its all
relative right?  No, there are absolute truths and we must never lose sight of them or we will perish.

    The Internet is a very useful tool, but it should not forsake building relationships with real living breathing human beings that can help us out when a crisis
    hits our lives such as hurricane Sandy did to many on the east coast, or Katrina in the south. It can't feed or clothe  the homeless or do volunteer work at
    local shelters, animal shelters or even offer child care to single parents that are barely scraping by each month, but it can connect us to the world, but it isn't
    the world that will be there when tragedy strikes, but your neighbor will be.  This is how we rebuild our de jure republic of, by, and for the people of this land
    we call, America.

    In closing, could it be the "Sheeple" that so many refer to are the people that are actually connecting with one another in their communities, they are the
    ones that are busy living their lives and enjoying human relationships?  They know what is wrong and are aware but are doing what they do best and that is
    reaching out to others a part from the matrix?  Or perhaps, they are the ones that are busy "doing" all that needs to be done to continue to tear down
    America, and those of us that are "aware" are busy in the matrix where there is an illusion of doing something worthy? Just a thought!  Our de jure republic
    cannot function without the people's voice and this needs to be done in local assemblies. <><

November 7, 2012  Did America win or lose?
    The people of our de jure republic are educated to what took place in our country so they know the defacto election doesn't really matter because both parties
    are working for the DEFACTO US CORPORATION INC. This usurpation of our de jure republic took place in 1791, when our government incorporated and
    therefore is not even a democracy in the true sense according to Webster's 1828 dictionary, as follows:
    DEMOCRACY, n. [Gr. People, and to possess, to govern.] Government by the people; a form of government, in which the supreme power
    is lodged in the hands of the people collectively, or in which the people exercise the powers of legislation. Such was the government of
Notice the change and additions to the 1913 definition, especially the last one referring to the Democratic party...interesting don't you think?
    1913 Definition Democracy (democracy)
    n. (d*mk"rå*s)
    ; pl. Democracies (- s***ibreve]z). [F. démocratie, fr. Gr. dhmokrati`a; dh^mos the people + kratei^n to be strong, to rule, kra`tos

    1.Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is retained and directly exercised by the people.
    1.Government by popular representation; a form of government in which the supreme power is retained by the people, but is indirectly
    exercised through a system of representation and delegated authority periodically renewed; a constitutional representative government; a
    1.Collectively, the people, regarded as the source of government.
    1.The principles and policy of the Democratic party, so called.
After reading the definition for Democracy it is clear and easily understood that DC is neither our de jure republic nor a Democracy by the people. It is the voice of
the banking cartel and international corporations. This is a fact most do not want to see but the truth remains for anyone looking.  The good news is there are many
people that are informed and many are doing what they can to restore our de jure republic.  In Michigan all six proposals have been rejected, people are paying
attention and getting involved.

    In other states, Nullification Victories! - Tenth Amendment Center READ  Six states voted for nullification of Federal laws that are unconstitutional.  
    Colorado voted to legalize "Recreational Marijuana" this is huge, but I'll bet it will give their economy a boost as many change their geographical locations. It
    more than likely will be challenged by the US Corporation, they don't take kindly to competition.  Unfortunately, California lost their initiative to label
    GMO's, but if you follow the money I'm sure it would reveal why it was rejected.  

    Some wins, some losses, but what happens politically in a state largely depends on its population and how loud they are in a unified voice, even big
    corporations lobbyists cannot supersede a strong voice of the people if they all show up, oh...and use paper ballots only with much over-sight in the counting by
    many. Fasten all seat belts, there could be turbulence ahead! <><

November 6, 2012   Defacto Corporation Election Day - DISCERN        
    The last of the campaigning for the defacto election is fading away as all head to the polls today to vote. Some for change, hope, others for civic duty, some
    maybe by coercion or a political agenda, and others unbelievably just for color!  There are many reasons a person goes to the polls but I think the winner of
    the reasons would be to exert their Constitutional Right to do so.  It is my hope, if nothing else, as the people go to the polls they think about this country and
    its poor representation for the people, and I pray those that are old enough to have experienced the downward spiral of change since childhood will vote their
    conscious with "Discernment". Others that are younger but have God's law written on their hearts will pray about their decision and discern as well.  Our
    nation is at the mercy of Almighty God and He has a plan.  "In God Is Our Trust"  It is also my hope that people that do not share my faith will discern right
    from wrong, truth from deception, no matter a person's background, we all have been given the ability to DISCERN, then follow your heart, it will not fail
    you.  No matter the outcome of todays election we have a mission before us and we must stay the course<><

    Here is the 1828 Webster Dictionary definition:
    1828 Definition DISCERN, v.t. s as z. [L., to separate or distinguish, Gr.]

    1. To separate by the eye, or by the understanding. Hence,
    2. To distinguish; to see the difference between two or more things; to discriminate; as, to discern the blossom-buds from the leaf-buds of plants.

    Discern thou what is thine--Genesis 31.
    3. To make the difference.

    For nothing else discerns the virtue or the vice.
    4. To discover; to see; to distinguish by the eye.

    I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding. Proverbs 7.
    5. To discover by the intellect; to distinguish; hence, to have knowledge of; to judge.

    So is my lord the king to discern good and bad. 2 Samuel 14.
    A wise mans heart discerneth time and judgment. Ecclesiastes 8.
    DISCERN, v.i.
    1. To see or understand the difference; to make distinction; as, to discern between good and evil, truth and falsehood.
    2. To have judicial cognizance.

    November 5, 2012   508(c)(1)(A) Free Church vs. 501(c)(3) State Church by Billy-Joe: Mauldin
    *What every believer needs to know concerning churches that are automatically tax exempt under 508(c)(1)(A) [Free Churches] verses the government
    controlled churches 501(c)(3) [State Churches]*

    The Church was once a great influence on our nation and its government. However, that all changed in 1954 when churches were added to the 501(c)(3)
    section of the IRS tax code (IRC). The 501(c)(3) church has been stripped of its freedom of speech as a result of its partnership with the government. They
    have voluntarily silenced themselves concerning anything touching politics and the government, even in spiritual matters important to believers. If the
    Church had not lost its freedom of speech to influence the government, maybe prayer would have not been removed from schools on June 25, 1962. It was at
    this point the nation began a huge spiritual spiral downward, the statistics are staggering. READ MORE
    ~submitted by Grey Beard
    TOPPLING THE GIANT by Bonnie Frownfelter
    I am being terrorized by a Tyrannical Giant. I do not have the brawn to topple him, nor is it always clearly visible who serves him,  so I have to use my brain
    to "think" of how I can bring this giant down to a more reasonable level to contain him so I'm liberated from his powerful stronghold he has on my life.  
    Because of his size I can't access his vital area's to dismantle them and only have access to his feet, ah, but I know how much a thorn in a foot hurts, or when
    I stub my toe I have to immediately sit down to tend to it by massage or limp to protect it until the pain subsides. Eventually I might even fall down if the
    right blow is felt to my foot, you know, the Achilles Heel story.

    Local communities are the Achilles Heel for the defacto corporation, as is, our de jure republic, and when these two forces are joined together on the ground
    floor it will reduce the power at the top.  All the people make up a very broad, and strong base that can displace the top if we rise up together in unity in our
    communities. This is the secret they are hiding and why there are so many "groups" allowed and all the alternative news sources available to keep all those
    that are awake distracted from reaching out to others in local school board meetings, zoning commission meetings, and perhaps forming a relationship with
    the local sheriffs office etc.

    If we'd stop trying to change what they are doing at the national level and get busy changing what they are doing at our local level, we will prevail!!  Common
    sense based on truth, wisdom from above, and a strong faith are the proper tools for building our de jure republic of, by, and for the people  They've purposely
    confused and complicated our world so we'd miss the simplistic truth.<><   

    The Tiny Dot Video  shows perfectly how 300+ people keep their focus on the few while they leave their own communities unattended and the gangs minions
    sneak in and do their masters bidding while the people are kept in fear by the gang leaders...what do you suppose would happen to the gangs if the 300+ put
    their focus on their local community leaders and held them accountable to THEM instead of the gang leaders?  This is where our de jure republic is met to be the people first then the state...these two forces topple the tyrannical giant and it can be done peacefully!
    609 Politicians
    24 Executive Branch
    100 US Senators
    435 US Representatives
    50 Governors
    14 Congress leaders
    Over 300 million citizens

    November 4, 2012   Closing  The Ring The Most Lied About Election In American History  by Gordon Duff
    It began when the Republican nomination was stolen. Ron Paul won in a landslide. Thus far, 25 grand juries have been seated to deal with felony charges tied
    to crimes in rigging both the GOP primaries and convention.
    Legal groups across the US are, finally, challenging the overt corruption of America’s “two party dictatorship.”
    Even with a flawed constitution, there is nothing that supports this system, nothing that supports how congress is run and certainly, what constitution we have
    should have protected us from rule by foreign corporations, more specifically, organized crime packaged as “foreign corporations” that the Supreme Court’s
    “Citizens United” blasphemy has saddled us with.
    Over the past few days, with my delightfully tapped phone (all calls say “US Government” on them), those still working for what is legitimate of that
    government have been calling. I am told I am the only journalist that isn’t either “brain dead” or “bought” or “scared to death.” The volume of information
    held, the types of information, the mass of it, is mind boggling, even for me. We’re going to touch on a few “pre-publishing” issues simply because time is
    running out with the election. “They love me – They love me not.”
    What I can say, early on, is that I get sick of finding fault with America. Unlike many, I am not bitter, don’t hate my own country, but I also no longer
    believe in the American people. I find that “patriotic Americans” are a brave few, embattled, many inside the government and military still, many were
    eliminated during the Bush era, some returning under Obama but not enough. The story we are going to look at today has to be painted with broad strokes. It
    starts with the Reagan administration but not with Reagan himself.  COMPLETE ARTICLE

    November 1, 2012    93-Year-Old Bodybuilder Beats Others Decades Younger (Video)
    This seems incredible, but it really isn't.  Our bodies are amazing in their ability to regenerate cells and heal themselves.  It is the industrial culture of
    pharmaceuticals and compartmentalized treatments that inhibited this ability.  Please watch this video HERE
    A viewers comment from the video page:
    November 2, 2012 at 11:36 pm
    Although I am 74 and suffered many heart attacks and continual angina over 20 years, walking like death warmed up.It wasn’t until I threw away all
    drugs, stopped eating denatured refined and processed food threw away started taking high potency supplements, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes,
    stopped going to the Doctor I turned my whole life around. I have never been as healthy as I am now.To make sure I remain free of the flu, colds and
    any sort of infections I take liposomal Vit C, Vit D3 and colloidal Silver when neccessary and have not been ill for 7 years.If I can do that at my age
    anybody can. When I tell people about it, they just look at me as though I live in cloud coocoo land and carry on eating their usual junk food,make
    their usual doctors visits and swallow the usual intake of toxic drugs that make them feel miserable and send them to an early grave. I realy believe
    most people are so indoctrinated, dumbed down and enslaved and frightened that they will never learn or believe they are being poisoned by the very
    people that claim to heal and protect them. More fool them.
    •        bill says:
    November 2, 2012 at 11:40 pm
    You hit the nail right smack dab on the head, Emanuel. “…by the very people that claim to heal and protect them.”
    Read more:

My comment: I started strength training when I was 48 years of age and by 50 I was stronger than I was in my 20's (I'm now 59). I've never had a Mammogram or a
flu shot, nor do I drink fluoridated water on a regular basis, only when it can't be avoided. I also try to avoid processed "dead" foods and GMO's. The body will heal
itself when it is given what it needs (i.e.pure water, fresh air, sunshine, proper nutrition, exercise, and a stable emotional state of mind), and eliminate substances
that are foreign to the body's natural chemistry..

    Serious health issues of family members inspired me to further my education, so now I have a BS in natural health and a Doctorate in Naturopathy.   I will
    coach anyone that is serious about managing their own health, free gratis. Manage Health Naturally  EMAIL
    ~submitted by Bonnie Frownfelter

    October 31, 2012   MY NAME IS AMERICA!!  by Todd Allen Herendeen
    This song, "MY NAME IS AMERICA", is such an inspiration.  While the US CORPORATION President is bowing before Arab nations and apologizing for
    America, this is a true anthem to the people on this land called, America, which was given to us by Almighty God to be free to worship Him without
    persecution..  Please listen, and reclaim your heritage with a renewed sense of respect for this land we call home, and help us rebuild our de jure republic that
    was usurped by the US Corporation and replaced with Demcracy so many years ago. We are one people....called, "Americans". CLICK TO LISTEN

    October 29, 2012  WHEN DOES AN OATH EXPIRE?
    To those who have taken the Oath, Remember the Oath!  To those who have not and believe in the Constitution, Take a similar Oath now to the Constitution!
    Remember that those who make laws contrary to the Constitution, Those who enforce laws contrary to the Constitution, And those who give orders contrary
    to the Constitution, Have become domestic enemies of the Constitution! It doesn't take a Judge or a lawyer to know the difference!


    All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." Marbury vs. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 164, 176. (1803)
    "Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them." Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 U.
    S. 436, 491.
    "An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as
    inoperative as though it had never been passed." Norton vs. Shelby County, 118 US 425, 442.

    Teddy's Answer to Diversity!
"There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its
continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."
    — Theodore Roosevelt, speech before the Knights of Columbus, 1915, New York

    Teddy's Answer to Bush and Obama!
"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is
morally treasonable to the American public. "— Theodore Roosevelt

    Teddy's Answer to Obama & Congress
"We cannot afford to differ on the question of honesty if we expect our republic permanently to endure.  Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite
to efficient service to the public.  Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life; it matters not how brilliant his capacity."  — Theodore
    ~excerpts above from original email was submitted by Grey Beard

    Unanswered questions: When is a President held responsible for seeking political gain in place of saving America lives?  When is the military held responsible
    for following unlawful orders to stand down when they know life will be lost if they do and there is no lawful reason to stand down?  When is Congress held
    accountable for their complicity in the loss of American lives for corporate favoritism and financial rewards?  How far do we allow the US CORPORATION to
    go before enough is enough and action is taken against them?  The fence is up and they're getting ready to close the gate, does anyone care?

    October 28, 2012  AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie) on Vimeo
    I suggest everyone watch this movie, especially before the elections.  It is very important that our young people see it too so please send a link to your
    children or grandchildren.  They have already been "programmed" into this ideology and the older generation can now see what took and when we're gone
    another generation of truth will pass away with us.  Our young people for the sake of their children and grandchildren need to know the truth of what has
    happened and start standing against it with our help before it is too late. I've seen it twice now and will watch again because there is so much information in it  
    ~submitted by Cathy C
    Here is an example of a 1895 Eighth Grade Exam -  Brings new meaning to the, "I only went to the eighth grade"  and we thought that was a bad thing!
    DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA  by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
    Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of
    American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists. Mrs. Iserbyt
    has also documented the gradual transformation of our once academically successful education system into one devoted to training children to become
    compliant human resources to be used by government and industry for their own purposes. This is how fascist-socialist societies train their children to become
    servants of their government masters. The successful implementation of this new philosophy of education will spell the end of the American dream of
    individual freedom and opportunity. The government will plan your life for you, and unless you comply with government restrictions and regulations your
    ability to pursue a career of your own choice will be severely limited. READ BOOK (PDF)

    In a challenge to the Validity of Title 18 (Public Law 80-772), the government has now admitted that Public Law 80-772 is unconstitutional. These admissions
    can be used in the Class Action on Title 18 and in other federal criminal cases.
    The original class action petition was filed in the DC court on 2/23/2012. The judge refused to rule on the merits or make findings of fact and conclusions of
    law and now it is on appeal. An opening brief, a reply brief, and a Motion for Summary Judgment have been filed by our group. The government has waived
    argument on the issues presented.
    A verified request for proof of claim was filed in a separate case on August 27, 2012 by our group. 18 stipulated answers were provided, to which the
    government waived argument on all stipulations, thus admitting the stipulations. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE
    ~submitted by Cathy C

    Oakland County, Michigan, passed a resolution [by unanimous vote] against the National Defense Authorization Act provision for indefinite detention of
    American citizens. Watch VIDEO
    This needs to take place in every county.  It shows what can be "undone" when the people get involved.  It's small but its a start of greater things to come.

    October 25, 2012    Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP's Racketeering and Money
    Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

    NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --
    Spire Law Group, LLP's national home owners' lawsuit, pending in the venue where the "Banksters" control their $43 trillion racketeering scheme (New
    York) - known as the largest money laundering and racketeering lawsuit in United States History and identifying $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of
    laundered money by the "Banksters" and their U.S. racketeering partners and joint venturers -now pinpoints the identities of the key racketeering partners
    of the "Banksters" located in the highest offices of government and acting for their own self-interests. READ MORE
    ~submitted by Mark

    October 24, 2012   The Final Column of Charley Reese For The Orlando Sentinel...., And it's Excellent!!
    He has been a journalist for 49 years. He is retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN. Be sure to read the Tax List at the end.[the reason I put it in a pdf file
    instead of just publishing here in its entirety] This is about as clear and easy to understand as it can be. The article is completely neutral, neither anti-
    republican or democrat. Charlie Reese, a retired reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, has hit the nail directly on the head, defining clearly who it is that in the
    final analysis must assume responsibility for the judgments made that impact each one of us every day. It's a short but good read. Worth the time. Worth
    remembering! Especially as you head to the polls to cast your vote.. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE
    submitted by Grey Beard

    October 23, 2012  Defacto Election Voting Guide and Proposals:
    We cannot hope to build our de jure republic if we don't work on both sides of the fence.  We have to participate in our local elections to put honorable people
    with integrity and a heart to uphold our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.  So here is a LINK that will take you to a page of all the
    counties in Michigan, click on your county and it will open a voters guide for your area.  

    Michigan Ballot Proposals
    PROPOSAL 12-1
    Public Act 4 of 2011 would:
    • Establish criteria to assess the financial condition of local government units, including school districts.
    • Authorize Governor to appoint an emergency manager (EM) upon state finding of a financial emergency, and allow the EM to act in place of local    
    government officials.
    • Require EM to develop financial and operating plans, which may include modification or termination of contracts, reorganization of government, and
    determination of expenditures, services, and use of assets until the emergency is resolved.
    • Alternatively, authorize state-appointed review team to enter into a local government approved consent decree.
    Should this law be approved?   NO  As a de jure free republic state this proposal usurps more of the local power from the people, less
    government and more people involvement always affords the people more freedom.

    PROPOSAL 12-2
    This proposal would:
    • Grant public and private employees the constitutional right to organize and bargain collectively through labor unions.
    • Invalidate existing or future state or local laws that limit the ability to join unions and bargain collectively, and to negotiate and enforce collective
    bargaining agreements, including employees’ financial support of their labor unions. Laws may be enacted to prohibit public employees from striking.
    • Override state laws that regulate hours and conditions of employment to the extent that those laws conflict with collective bargaining agreements.
    • Define “employer” as a person or entity employing one or more employees.
    Should this proposal be approved?  NO  As a de jure republic the people have to pay attention to how something is worded.  This sounds good but this needs
    to be rewritten for clarification, IMO it should not be accepted as it is written especially looking at the definition of employer, this could be another assault on
    small businesses that only have one or two employees, and looking at the groups that are supporting it suggests it really is not to benefit the people.  Of course
    this is just a guideline and exercise your free will to vote your conscious according to what is true.

    PROPOSAL 12-3
    This proposal would:
    • Require electric utilities to provide at least 25% of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources, which are wind, solar,
    biomass, and hydro-power, by 2025.
    • Limit to not more than 1% per year electric utility rate increases charged to consumers only to achieve compliance with the renewable energy
    • Allow annual extensions of the deadline to meet the 25% standard in order to prevent rate increases over the 1% limit.
    • Require the legislature to enact additional laws to encourage the use of Michigan made equipment and employment of Michigan residents.
    Should this proposal be approved?  NO  a de jure republic has less regulation,  not more.  The state should not be allowed to regulate business and the cost
    always is passed to the consumer.  This would also create more regulation by requiring legislation to enact additianal laws on business.  If we are to build our de
    jure and limit government then we need to say NO to new regulations, no matter how good they sound on the surface.  Google "Sustainable Developement"  it
    is the new buzz words for Agenda 21, which would probablyl be a more accurate search for google.

    PROPOSAL 12-4
    This proposal would:
    • Allow in-home care workers to bargain collectively with the Michigan Quality Home Care Council (MQHCC ). Continue the current exclusive
    representative of in-home care workers until modified in accordance with labor laws.
    • Require MQHCC to provide training for in-home care workers, create a registry of workers who pass background checks, and provide financial
    services to patients to manage the cost of in-home care.
    • Preserve patients’ rights to hire in-home care workers who are not referred from the MQHCC registry who are bargaining unit members.
    • Authorize the MQHCC to set minimum compensation standards and terms and conditions of employment.
    Should this law be approved? NO  I see no benefit to the people for this proposal.  What it will do is eliminate the ability of private individuals to help friends,
    and family members with thier in-home care without "training" and being "registered."  Our de jure republic is about freedom and self-responsibility.  The
    state does not improve anything but always raises the cost of everything and when it does the quailty of service provided is reduced.

    PROPOSAL 12-5
    This proposal would:
    Require a 2/3 majority vote of the State House and the State Senate, or a statewide vote of the people at a November election, in order for the State of
    Michigan to impose new or additional taxes on taxpayers or expand the base of taxation or increasing the rate of taxation.
    This section shall in no way be construed to limit or modify tax limitations otherwise created in this Constitution.
    Should this proposal be approved? YES it is always a good thing whenever we can limit taxes that are unlawful to begin with.

    PROPOSAL 12-6
    This proposal would:
    • Require the approval of a majority of voters at a statewide election and in each municipality where “new international bridges or tunnels for motor
    vehicles” are to be located before the State of Michigan may expend state funds or resources for acquiring land, designing, soliciting bids for,
    constructing, financing, or promoting new international bridges or tunnels.
    • Create a definition of “new international bridges or tunnels for motor vehicles” that means, “any bridge or tunnel which is not open to the public and
    serving traffic as of January 1,2012.”
    Should this proposal be approved? YES the people in our de jure republic that live in the communities that would be subject to the burden or benefits should
    be the people deciding if a new international bridge or tunnel should be built in their community.

    If anyone has an opposing view on these proposals please EMAIL if you'd like them posted

    October 22, 2012  Black's Law Revised Fourth Edition Dictionary
    CLICK HERE    Also added to the Resource page.
    ~compliments of Teri H.

    October 18, 2012  Rod Class Special Call TONIGHT!!
    Rod was a guest on a KMA Talkshoe Call on Tues, Oct 16. That call was a discussion of the problems facing the nation and possible solutions, and lead by
    Sheriff Roy Lamb. It would be good to listen to it before the Friday Night Special Call.
    Link to 10.16.12 call: The meat of call starts at 22 minutes in.
    The beginning part of the call is Rod discussing much of his current work. The discussion was so thought provoking and sincere, by people who have been
    trying to find a solution for bringing the nation back to what was originally intended, but has slipped way through our own inattention and the evil intentions
    of those in "Public Office," that Rod felt that the people on Tuesday's call should be heard
    by the listeners of AIB. So, Rod has decided that a call consisting of the people on the 10.16 KMA call along with Rod would be a good idea.

    There have been so many people trying to accomplish the re-birth of America, the way it was intended, that any discussion of possible solutions is a good
    thing. So, be here Friday Night as you hear serious people who have been studying the subject for many years offering up their ideas on how We the People
    can get back to where we should be. There is Hope as long as we remain We the People!

    Friday Night, Oct 19, 9:00PM Eastern
    Talkshoe # (724) 444 - 7444   Call ID: 48361
    Also participate: Via computer WITHOUT talk option...
    And, For The AIB Call Archives Go To The Same Link.
    For future reference here's the link to the KMA Calls:
    More information on building our de jure republic Audio Information:

    October  18, 2012  Letter sent to Editor - October 16, 2012 - Newberg Twp.
    To The Editor
    We see several Newberg candidates seeking election and re election, putting their signs all over the twp. on state land and in clear vision areas!
    We would like to remind the voters that these are the very same people that brought you the zoning issue and the road and personal property tax proposal
    this last year.
    If you are dissatisfied with the way this government is going the last 4 ,8, 12 or more years look at your ballot if you see someone running against a
    incumbent vote for the new guy no  matter their party affiliation! This is the way you will make change. Also there are three proposals on the ballot in
    regards to collective
    bargaining. You may never want to join a union but you may want the Constitutional and Natural right to do so if you desire to in the future. If you vote to
    take that right away it will be lost forever.
    Jones Mi

    If you are working in your area to build your free de jure local community, and there is news you would like posted please EMAIL the information along with
    reference link or tear sheet for reference.  Thank you

    October 16,2012  Letter to the Editor -Comment to Guest Comment (below) published in the Marcellus Paper August 9, 2012

    Dear Readers:
    In response to the "Guest Comments'" in the August 2 issue of the Marcellus News: There seems to be a lot
    of confusion about the Constitution and  the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights  are the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution.
    The Bill Of Rights is granted by the creators to the people of this country, not Government.
    The Constitution grants no rights to the people, it is the document that tells Government, our servants, what they may do and may not do.
    Now with this in mind, the government nor the Supreme court has any thing to say about the
    Second Amendment, thus the term SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!! This' means 'government cannot infringe 'on it.
    Now, with this in mind, the government nor the Supreme Court has anything to say about the Second Amendment.  
    Now, the next issue the government is elected by the people to do a job for them, so why would one think that the servant would .have superior arms to the
    boss?  If the Government can have it then the people can have it.
    There is no provision in the constitution for the United States to maintain a standing army, only a Navy to secure the borders!!
    Now you have to understand that any form of law enforcement is past tense or after the fact, and that you have no right to police protection!
    Aurora, Colorado, has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. If there had been armed citizens in that theater. there would not have been as
    many people killed or injured.
    Yes, the Second Amendment means as much today as it did when it was written and the fore fathers foresaw every thing we have in place today.
    Fire arms are tools just like any other tool. You must know, how to use them  properly, thus, the 2nd Amendment term. Well regulated means you are well
    trained in the use and function of your
    arms and of the proper mindset.
    These are the facts and opinion of this writer and not to be ,construed as an attack on the newspaper, the other writer, or anyone else.  ARTICLE
    Charlie H. Forster

    October 15, 2012  Guest Comment in Marcellus Paper August 2, 2012 by by Darlene Costner from Tucson AZ addressing the SECOND AMENDMENT
    First excerpt from article:
    "The Justice had come to the conclusion that the Second Amendment was written at a time when the country did not have a standing army and a 'well
    regulated militia' was needed should we be invaded. Thus, it made citizen soldiers of every able bodied man in times of crisis."

    I would suggest Ms. Costner revisit the Second Amendment and read it in its entirety. This is the elephant in the room that is there and nobody seems to
    want to say, "hey, do you see that elephant, or why is there an elephant in this room?"  People continuously take the Second Amendment and only take the
    part they are trying to manipulate to their own agenda for certain purposes for gain, much like scripture used to support an agenda instead of aligning ones
    thoughts with scripture they bend scripture to align with their agenda. Our Second Amendment reads:  "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the
    security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." .  I would also say that the Justice did not know or understand
    the founding fathers and their intent, or was deliberately misleading the people.  The Bill of Rights were put in place to further bind the power given to those
    we put in place to serve the people.
    “Disarm the people- that is the best and most effective way to enslave them.” ― James Madison
Second excerpt:
    "Because the National Guard is the equivalent of the militia now, they are the ones protected by the Second Amendment. It does not mean that every .Dick
    or Jane can own as many weapons as they can afford. The Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the terrible weapons of today and would probably be
         to know the carnage carried out now and made possible by the amendment."

The national guard is NOT equivalent to the people/citizens militia.  The national guard that is controlled by the DEFACTO  US CORPORATION, INC. can NOT
replace or be equivalent to the people.  Yes, our Second Amendment does mean that every Dick, Jane, Sally or Erasmus, or Abdulah CAN own as many weapons as
they wish as long as they are law abiding citizens.  The founding fathers absolutely foresaw exactly what it was they were protecting the people from and it was not
an armed citizenry!  It was to protect the people from a tyrannical government.  Yes, our founding fathers would be horrified to see how uninformed and complacent
the American people have become in allowing their "unalienable" rights that many fought and lost loved ones for are being stripped away without complaint, but
with a willing acceptance.
    Third excerpt:
    "the"Supreme Court" has, in several decisions, decided that the amendment guarantying the right to bear arms is settled law. The Courts-have taken the
    position that the first words must be taken literally".

This is absolutely correct and it is amazing that the Court actually is honoring our unalienable rights on this issue but if people do not stay diligent it will not last if
the UN has its way.
    Fourth excerpt:
    "While I revere our Constitution I believe that the "right to bear arms" does not guarantee that they can't be controlled. And most legal scholars agree with
    me on that point."

    I don't know about AZ but to my knowledge, which obviously is not all inclusive by a stretch, all the states do have gun controls in place.  So, again this is an
    uninformed statement.  I'm not impressed with the reference to "most legal scholars" agree with her on the point because of course they would because it is
    the "LEGAL SCHOLARS" that has used their legal-speak mumbe jumble to confuse the people to more easily manipulate them to accepting their agenda.
    Fifth excerpt:
    "The NRA have successfully perverted the right to bear arms to mean that anybody can be armed with the most dangerous weapons and with as many as they
    wish to buy, with as few checks as possible. The NRA doesn't give crap about the individual's right. It's all about making the weapon manufacturers happy
    and• drumming up as much business as possible for them."

    The NRA is supporting the unalienable rights of the Second Amendment of the people.  If she is claiming that someone is selling arms for profit I would
    suggest she look at the US CORPORATION WAR MACHINE.  This is the industry in America that is thriving while all else is dying. There is nothing wrong
    with businesses profiting and more businesses in our country would profit and make our country strong once all the US CORPORATE regulations are stripped
    away.  For the record I am not a member of the NRA nor do I know of anyone that is a member.  I'm just tired of all the propaganda that is being spread and
    people accept it without question using common sense and truth as their gauge.
    Sixth excerpt:
    "When will the public say "Enough killing" and demand that the ban on automatic guns be reinstated? This is another glaring example of the way Democracy
    is being distorted and weakened. It makes me angry and sad."  Read Complete Article HERE

    I agree Ms. Costner, you said, "When are the people going to say enough killing?"   But a ban on automatic weapons is not going to end the killing.  The
    criminally minded will always have automatic weapons, guns, knives, etc, should we be reduced to "chopsticks" like the Chinese for protection?  Then who
    will protect us from a tyrannical government?  How about a cry for the END OF WARS to stop the killing?  You mention our founding fathers when it serves
    your agenda but then you speak of democracy.  Our founding fathers gave us a Republic, not a democracy and it is the progressive democrats and progressive
    republicans that are destroying this country. Our de jure republic is being restored, of, by, and for the people and yes, many democrats will be angry and sad
    because the 51% majority will no longer control the rest of the population.
    Now I ask this, why was an article such as this in a small town in Michigan as a comment from a person in Tucson AZ?  Propaganda anyone?  Another
    distortion of the truth taking bits and pieces to further the progressives agenda of controlling the people.  We already have laws in place for the lawless and it
    is time for the law abiding citizens to stand up and stop allowing their unalienable rights to continue to be usurped, but instead demand instead that the
    criminals suffer for their poor choices.  Starting with the criminals in DC.
    ~article submitted by Grey Beard comments added by BF
    Bombshell: Rod Class gets FOURTH Administrative Ruling "Gov't Offices are Vacant"- All Gov't Officials are "Private Contractors"
    Yes, you read that correctly; it is true, and is now on the court record; black ink on white paper. Please read on: A lot of us have been exposing the crime of
    the UNITED STATES corporation for many years, but until recently, no one has had the proof that all government offices are vacant; no one is home; those
    supposed government offices/agencies are being occupied by PRIVATE CONTRACTORS and are NOT being occupied by a legitimate government body.
~submitted by South and emailed to me from "free me"
    WE ARE JUST DUMB  by Ken Freeman
    “So what do you want? Dumb Growth?” this feller yelled at me from across the meeting room. He thought he was smart. (I thought that smart was probably
    only the first half of his handle.) I was supposed to be instantly shamed into silence. I wasn’t. “Why yes I do,” I replied. “If you mean by that-dumb is what
    we want to do with our lives and property and smart is what you want to make us do. Under that definition, dumb is what built this country. If dumb means
    the people’s freedom to choose, then dumb is better.”

    He was a government trained facilitator. He was not supposed to lose control. But he did. He slammed his briefcase shut and stormed out of the room. By now
    folks had figured out what he was really up to anyway, so for him, that might have been smart". READ MORE
~submitted by Grey Beard

October 12, 2012  Announcement to the People of this free de jure state of Michigan

    Message from President James Timothy Turner from Chief of Staff Kim McDowell

    "President Turner would like everyone to know that he does not want us recruiting the militias!  He wants everyone to know that we are a peaceful
    organization and want nothing to do with violence or those who are known for violence".  READ EMAIL


    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
    the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    I take offense to the statement made by Tim Turner stating the people's militia are violent or given to violence. Our militia are the people of America, true
    "unpaid" patriots that love their country and many are our very own veterans that served the people of the united States of America for freedom, taking an
    oath to defend our Constitution from foreign and "domestic" enemies..

    Now please read our ratified de jure revised  1835 Constitution of Michigan.  Even the unrevised original 1835 Constitution of Michigan made provision for a
    well regulated militia in accordance with our Second Amendment Rights.  When the revisions were put in place to bring this Corporate based Constitution
    into our de jure republic of, by, and for the people this provision for the militia was maintained.

    Our people's militia is the only protection the people have when an elected governance turns on its people that put it there and it becomes tyrannical.  The
    national republic is attempting to replace our Constitutional Militia of, by, and for the people with their own National Police Force under the Ranger Program
    that is claiming to be "Peace Officers", is this not also what we called law enforcement yesteryear?  Those of us that are older would know this, and we've
    witnessed the progression of the "police force".  We need to "think" and "discern" if we hope to secure liberty for ourselves and our children's children.  If
    we're not willing to do the leg work ourselves we might as well just resign ourselves to status quo and like it.

    In closing I will add this...the people's militia is growing Exponentially due to the corruption in DC and at the UN.  There is a new campaign being waged
    against the militia to demonize them.  I heard on "Christian Radio" news no less where it was reporting on Libya and the rebels are now being referred to as
    "Militia".  Please do not fall for this propaganda that is being promoted against our Constitutional People's/Citizens Militia.  Remember, there are numerous
    documents out there that have revealed the  use of provocateurs to discredit lawful, constitutional people that are revealing truth to the people, or trying to.  
    Please do not automatically believe the worse and do not lump all in the same pot just because you read something.  For instance, you are a law abiding
    peaceful citizen that lives in rural America but someone living in rural America does something bad, or is portrayed to do something bad, now you are
    classified the same because you live in rural America?  The defacto rogue corporate government uses "stereotyping" to segregate, divide and conquer.  We've
    got to stop allowing this and not believe complete groups of people are bad just because their mainstream media is geared to do their bidding and tell us they
    are.  It is to draw the heat away from them...don't fall for it!!
    ~In God Is Our Trust

    October 9, 2012  What is the reason again WHY we pollute our bodies with Flu Vaccinations?  Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Plain Language
    Summaries, excerpt:
    Over 200 viruses cause influenza and influenza‐like illness which produce the same symptoms (fever, headache, aches and pains, cough and runny noses).
    Without laboratory tests, doctors cannot tell the two illnesses apart. Both last for days and rarely lead to death or serious illness. At best, vaccines might be
    effective against only influenza A and B, which represent about 10% of all circulating viruses. Each year, the World Health Organization recommends which
    viral strains should be included in vaccinations for the forthcoming season. READ MORE

    My note:  The symptoms of flu are also identical to toxin overload. The body will cough, sneeze, sweat, vomit, create diarrhea, or a fever to self-heal and rid
    itself from the toxins. Vaccinations add to this toxic environment in the body, as well as, fluoride, MSG, aspartame, pesticides, GMO foods and many other
    food additives including processed foods, geo-engineering for weather modification, etc, and something else to think about is the fluoride in community water
    is computer generated for most areas, if there is a glitch in the system and lets say more fluoride is added to the water on any given day, this would become
    toxic and create "flu-like symptoms".  Could this possibly be the creation of a "flu epidemic" in certain areas?  Just something to think about.
    ~submitted by Bonnie Frownfelter, ND (Naturopathy Doctorate)

    October 8, 2012 The End Of Evil by Jeremy Locke
    The definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human being. The definition of evil is the destruction of freedom. Everything that is evil teaches people
    that they have limited value.
    Truth is always simple. All people recognize truth because all people are intelligent beings. It is the nature of evil to create
    artificially complex ideas. It does this to hide or obfuscate the freedom it destroys. If you remove the complexities and fears from your life you will find a
    plain and beautiful truth. This truth is the nature of your worth.
    Value of man
    To understand freedom is to understand the value of a person. Everything that evil wants is to disguise and destroy your value. All authority is created by evil
    men to disguise your worth. To understand your own worth is to understand the nature of liberty. READ MORE

    October 7, 2012  THE UNION JACK  by Helen Peters
    This Book Proposes to Awaken the Honest Seekers to the Truth that:
    1. Conspiracy accomplishes most of its purpose under a "Christian cloak".
    2. Conspiracy enlists the "patriots" to promote the conspiracy without their knowing it.
    3. World Government is already a fact and all nations have bowed their knee to Baal.
    4. Baal has a universal religion to deceive the world -- the Kingdom Message.
    5. Baal has a world "money" system and it is called monetized debt.
    6. The thought police in America have changed our language to deceive us in our own thoughts.
    7. The Constitution of the United States of America is an imaginary relic that still deceives the people into believing that they have freedom. The belief that it
    is     still there when it is in fact not there promotes the illusion of freedom.
    8. Government is organized crime and continues in power because it has the support of the people. It has the support of the people because they have been
       humanized through the influence of the Masonic Lodges and the "Church of their choice."
    9. The Anglo-American Government has stolen the wealth of the world with their paper "money."
    10. The Government owes nothing and pays nothing. It simply issues monetized debt (paper "money") for all goods and services that it wants and continues to
    roll over and expand debt. Government debt is a polite term for theft.
    11. The United States Government does not need to collect taxes from its citizens because the citizens cannot pay taxes with monetized debt, called dollars.
    12. The work of the Internal Revenue Service is to regulate and control consumption and to gather information for 4 Big Brother.
    13. To keep a nation of willing slaves the Government must control religion, education, and regulate consumption.
    14. Governments cannot control and deceive Christians.
    15. Governments cannot control people who barter and do not use the paper money debt system. READ MORE

    Please send this book to all dejure government officials. It must be read by all to ensure they know how this union jack is being perpetrated upon the
    American people. I want to make sure all know the truth about British Israel.

    In summary it is about a great deception related to Christianity through the British government teaching the doctrine of heaven on earth. It speaks to the
    globalist plan to deceive the church into a world government. They are spreading the concept of a physical Jesus setting up his kingdom on earth. It delves
    into how freemasonry has infiltrated our system of government and religion and how fundamental Christianity is promoting this doctrine of heaven on earth.
    When heaven is spiritual in nature not fleshly upon this earth. Jesus said I'm in this world but not of this world. If you need more I can write a more detailed
    summary with more items.
    ~submitted by Dave F.

    "Charlotte, NC --( House Bill 5225, legislation that would eliminate the state handgun “permit-to-purchase” and registration requirements,
    is currently stalled in the Michigan Senate.

    The reason for this delay stems from opposition by the Michigan State Police, as well as Governor Rick Snyder’s office, asking Senate leadership to “hold”
    HB 5225. The Michigan State Police, never friendly to pro-gun reforms, including the current state Right-to-Carry law, has even proposed a number of
    crippling amendments to HB 5225 that would perpetuate Michigan’s antiquated registration system in the event that they are unable to stop its passage."  

    CONTACT GOVERNOR RICK SNYDER   (517) 373-3400  OR (517) 334-7858   EMAIL
    Email sent to Governor Snyder:

    Governor Rick Snyder
    I'm requesting you to do all in your power to get HB 5225 Passed and signed into law. See the article on this web site:,
    by passing this bill you will be helping law abiding people  an easier avenue to protect themselves and their property.
     Remember that law enforcement is past tense or after the fact.
    A law abiding person should be able to carry concealed or in his motor vehicle without  government intervention.
     You know the 2nd Amendment

    xxxxxxx xxxxxxx [name removed for privacy]
    xxxxxx xxxxxx [address removed for privacy]
    Jones MI
~submitted by: Grey Beard

    "We the People of this still great country are Constitutionalists and require all public servants, including judges, to abide by their oaths in the performance of
    their official duties, including those before the court.  This protects the American Citizens from government and court abuse.  

    Since the Constitution cannot conflict with itself, the limited powers delegated to government by the Constitution can never supersede the powers of and
    Rights guaranteed in the Constitution to The American People.  “Authority” is an extremely important word and concept.  Government and the courts
    without Constitutional authority can conduct nothing lawful, and government has no authority to disparage your Rights.  Keep “authority” in mind as you
    review the following statements and questions".  READ MORE

    October 2, 2012  Hal Lindsey 9/28/12 Report -Recent Consulate Attack in Libya

    October 1, 2012   Firearms Refresher Course ... Simple as this!  PDF

    1. "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do  not."   ~Thomas Jefferson    
    2. "Those who trade liberty for security have neither" ~ John Adams      
    3.  Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.     
    4. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.     
    5. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control  them.    
    6. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.     
    7. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.     
    8. “Know guns, know peace, know safety:  No guns, no peace, no safety”     
    9. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.     
    10. Assault is a behavior, not a device.     
    11. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed NO one yesterday.   [think about this because we already have laws in place for criminals that abuse the RIGHT]
    12. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.     
    13. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore  the others.     
    14. What part of 'shall not be infringed' do you NOT understand?     
    15. Guns have only two enemies; rust and politicians.     
    16. When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.     
    17. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.                                            
~submitted by Tonya
"A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America
than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued;
but when once they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external
or internal invader. "
~Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, February 12, 1779

"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."
~Thomas Jefferson
[I wonder if Thomas Jefferson would perhaps add "mainstream media" AND "alternative news" to this statement?]
"We...the people" of Michigan
have inhabited our     FREE DE JURE STATE